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you can leave them together all the time

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Q: If you have a female parakeet can you bring in a male parakeet in a couple of months?
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Can you have no sperm count one month and sperm count following months after a vasectomy?

Apparently it is possible in the time shortly after the vasectomy for the tubes to grow back together. After my procedure I was told to bring a couple of semen samples over the next couple of months for analysis.

Can you bring parakeets as pets?

a parakeet is like a parrot so yes it can be a pet

How do you bring a female German Shepherd dog into heat?

You can't. They usually come into heat every six months, providing they are healthy.

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any either way is fine

When do dogs come inheat?

Dogs come into heat at around 6 - 12 months of age. Normally the smaller breeds come in heat at around 6-7 months while the larger breeds are later in age. Outside stimulus such as another female dog in heat can bring a young female in heat sooner than normal.

What does infertil mean?

What is Infertility? Infertility, whether male or female, can be defined as 'the inability of a couple to achieve conception or to bring a pregnancy to term after a year or more of regular, unprotected intercourse'.

How old is a female dog before they go into heat?

Normally the larger the breed, the older they are before they have their first heat. But that is not always true and being around another female dog in heat can bring them into heat earlier. Normally between 6-9 months for the first heat.

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If it is an unspayed female cat, she is in heat. If you do not want kittens and male cats are circling the house, bring her inside and keep her there. This will pass in a few days. Cats can go into heat as early as 4 months.

Can a dog be put in heat by a male even when she not in heat?

No she cannot be brought into heat by a male being around her. She will cycle every 6 months on average. If she is near another female in heat, that might bring her into an earlier heat.

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Male cats often do this to bring a female back into heat. Males enjoy mating and so they kill kittens quite often so they can bring the female back into heat to mate again.

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