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If you just started taking the pill recently, breakthrough bleeding which is bleeding during the weeks that you are on active Birth Control, is normal. Do not stop taking the pill, keep going, this is normal and should clear up within 3 cycles.

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Q: If you have a first day start pill spot a for a day start your period and then it disappears only to have it start again a week later do you have to throw away your pill pack and start over?
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How long after your last period do you get it again?

28 days later.

What does it mean if you have your period then a week later you are bleeding again?

If you have your period and then a week later you are bleeding again it may be a sign of disease or injury. If you experience these symptoms you should make an appointment with your doctor for an examination.

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How can you ovulate 1 day after end of your period then how come you have your period again 5 days later?

stress can cause this to happen

Why did you spot and days later you started period then spotted again?

because your period is going to be heavy if you do that were a pad 5 days before your period comes on

How long does it take to get pregnant again after pregnancy?

It all depends when you start ovulating again. You can get pregnant again without ever getting a period since the egg comes before a period. If you breast-feed your period typically comes back later.

Is it normal to have mucus while you are on your first period instead of blood?

Yes.It is normal but it is not your true first period. It will come later.

Is it normal to get your period for the first time- and then again a month later- but still not have menstruated a third time 10 months later when you are 15?

Well, I got my first period when I was about 11 years old. And then a little bit of spotting again a month later. Then, Didn't come again for about a year, Now I have it regularly. So my best guess, Would be no, Its completely fine. Yep, I agree with ^! I had my 1st period when I was 11. Your periods aren't suppossed to be perfectly normal for the first 2 or 3 years! If you spend alot of time with another woman, your periods might start to sync, (You probably know that) but If that woman is about to experience menapause, then it might throw your cycle off!

Well your partner came in you on your first day your period left and then he did it again 7 days later could you be pregnant?

yes there is a very large chance you will but there is a small chance you wont

Could you be pregnant if you had your regular period and then you got it two weeks later and then got it again a little over a week later or is it just your period being goofy?

Sounds like your period is being goofy. You might want to get your hormones checked.

If your period started at the begin of the month now two weeks later you I'm back on period then two weeks later I'm back on period again are those sign of a micarriage?

No, but you should go see your doctor and see what is causing it.

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If you have protected sex and have your period one day later is it possible to be pregnant without having sex again?


You were on your period and then it stopped last week then you had protected sex and 8 days later your period is back again Is there something wrong with you?

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How do you count the mensteral cycle?

Your menstrual cycle begins the first day of your period. That will typically last between 4-7 days. About two weeks after that, you are ovulating again, meaning that that is the time when an egg is released from the ovaries. If conception does not occur, that egg will disintegrate and then be shed about 2 weeks later. You will have a period again, which starts the cycle all over again.

Can a women get pregnant without having her first period?

No, because without your first period you have no eggs so there is no way to get pregnant but if you do have sex and have your period a few days later then there is a chance.

How about if you were on birth controls you stop for like a year you get your period and then 3 moths later have unprotected sex?

If your on birth control and then suddenly stop, first of all that's not good, it can sometimes mess with your period regulation and cause health problems, because your body had adjusted to the pill. Anyway, so you stopped for a year, and got your period again, then three months later after getting your normal period routine going again, have unprotected sex, yes there could be a chance your pregnant if the partner ejaculated into the vagina. Consult with your physician.

If you start your period and its normal for that week and then three or four days later it starts again heavy what does that mean?

this happened to me to. what is it?

Had normal period then started again for 3 days 12 days later?

Had my normal period dec 6th thru the 10th had sex on the 11th again on the 15th started light bleeding on the 20th for 3 days .

Will starting birth control pills before your period make your period come later?

Yes, if you start the birth control pill for the first time before your period, your period will come later. It usually comes during the last week of the cycle.

If you get your period this month and it lasted more than it usually last but the a week later you get it again but I am not bleeding that much what can this mean i don't take the pill?

Your period is irregular. So what.

Is it normal to get your period for one day stop then couple days later get it again for one day Or is it spotting or anything to do with pregnancy?

what can i drink to stop my period for one day