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If you have a foreclosure on your home can you make a payment to stop it?


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This really depends on many factors -- how far into the foreclosure process are you...1, 2 or 10 months late on the mortgage? If you have only missed 2 payments, you can most definitely avoid foreclosure when you make a payment for the 2 late payments , plus any late fees, etc. However, if you are 3 months late and the bank has already issued a notice of trustee sale to sell your home on a particular date and you can only make a payment for one month, then most likely than not, your home will be sold at the auction. In this scenario, you may have to make a payment for the past 3 months, plus any late and attorney feesm in order to get current on your loan. However, every bank is different and therefore your bank may have a program available to help you catch up on the late payments. Call your bank and ask them to help you keep your home by offering you a payment plan. Good luck.