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In order to find out if he is gay, just ask. If he is a good friend he will be okay with it. Trust me...I have done it many times. If he asks you why, just say you were curious because you are interested in him.

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Q: If you have a friend and are not sure if he is gay or not but you want to have a relationship with him how do you find out without coming on too strong?
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How do you talk to a guy without being too personal or coming on too strong?

Talk to him like he's a friend.

How do you show that you like a girl without coming on to strong?

don't be mean she will hate u be nice and become her friend

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How do you start talking to a gir that you like without coming on to strong?

It is the most easiest thing ever you just talk to them like you would with any other friend and try to find things in common

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How do you let him know you're interested and available without coming on too strong?

It depends what you mean by "coming on too strong". Are you talking about meeting him at his job, stripping off your clothes and jumping on him? or are you thinking about asking him if he would care to go for a cup of coffee after work? Most guys are flattered by a little attention, and if you have a mutual friend whom you could talk to, it might help.

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Would your good guy friend like it if you wrote a love letter in a foreign language Or would I be coming on too strong to him?

Too strong? Well, it depends if he knows the language.

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What is the best way to approach a girl without coming on to strong or having her reject you?

just come on easy and act natural

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The general term used to describe a person who is "not friend but not enemy" is acquaintance. An acquaintance is someone you know but not just met, have occasional interactions with but not a close relationship, and neither feel a strong like or a strong dislike for the person.

Is it coming on to strong to call a girl my dear when you have just met?

It depends on the relationship. If you barely ever talk to her then yes. If you are friends and you mean it as a joke then no. Hope this helped!

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What does it mean when your best friend is very comfortable with your boyfriend?

It means that you best friend might JUST MIGHT spend more time with ur boy friend, and she will be asking u advice since ur her friend, and also might be talking about him more often. and it actually depends on how strong their relationship is

How to build a strong relationship with your partner?

The best way to build a strong relationship with your partner is to keep an open line of communication. Trust and communication are crucial for a relationship to thrive.

What is the relationship between a strong electrolyte and strong acid or base?

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How do they get in a strong relationship?

You be friendly and open to someone, and if they are nice to you , you can start a relationship.

I am in a long distance relationship My boyfriend gives me silly excuses of not coming to the place where i am weather but finally agreed is he cheating on me?

Sounds like a definite possibilty. Long-distance relationships are notoriously difficult to maintain. Ask him and be blunt without accusing him. Better to know now. If this relationship is not strong enough to withstand a separation, then this person is not permanent partner material anyway.

Why are people so shallow and only date skinny?

Because they don't know how they can have more intimacy in their relationship without getting hurt. And having fun is more easier than making a strong relationship.

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understanding of their differences

How do you know if you have a healthy relationship?

If you have strong feelings and understanding then you can say that your relationship is deep.

You have seen this girl and you have never spoke how do you tell her you want to go on a date without coming on to strong?

start to become frineds with her first, talk to her, communication is key!!! give it about a month, then if you think she likes you then ask her out, and about coming off strong do it casually dont be like "will you go out with me",be like what are you doing saterday night

You used to go out with your friend and you broke up and became friends he still has feelings for you and you now have strong feelings for him?

question cont- and now you have strong feelings for him, but hes in a long distance relationship with someone whom hes never met, yet cheated on them with you, what do you do?

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