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What it could be is not the major issue. ANY growth on your gums is not normal. GO SEE YOUR DENTIST OR A DENTIST IMMEDIATELY. If you're afraid to go, remember that avoiding the dentist or doctor will not solve the problem or make it go away and NO ONE will diagnose this over the phone. Please, seek medical attention on this!

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โˆ™ 2005-11-17 18:11:58
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Q: If you have a growth on your gums what could it be?
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Do you HAVE to remove calcium deposit build up on gums if it doesn't bother you?

Calcium does not build up on gums, you are confusing it with plaque. And yes, you have to remove plaque from your gums, because it allows the growth of bacteria which can be very harmful to your gums.

Why do dogs gums to turn black?

Some dogs naturally have black gums, or gums with black spots. However, if a dog's gums suddenly turn black, this could be an indicator of illness and a veterinarian should be consulted immediately.

Why are your dogs gums bruised?

Darkening of the gums could be age related, or a sign of an abscessed tooth. Be sure to check with your vet.

Why are your gums turning brown?

Gums could be turning brown during age in certain ethnic groups. Another reason is that the gums become discolored because there may be a tooth that is infected.

Why do cats gums go black?

Many cats have naturally black gums. However, if your cat's gums are not naturally black and suddenly change color, this could be an indication it needs its teeth cleaned.

Why does your dog have gray gums?

A dog with pale gray gums is sick. The dog could have low blood pressure, internal bleeding, anemia, or be experiencing shock.

Should there be white spots on your gums after a tooth extraction?

White spots on the gums after an extraction could be a symptom of dry socket. This condition does require treatment by a dentist.

Do wolves have gums?

Yes, wolves do have gums, if you mean 'gums' in the mouth area. Almost all living creatures have gums.

What if your boyfriend has gigivitis now your gums are bleading and swollen could you have caught this from kissing?

yes,this could be caught from kissing

How do you clean your gums?

Gums can be cleaned with toothpaste and a soft tooth brush. Gums can also be cleaned at the dentist. Gums can also be cleaned with purchased products made for the cleaning of gums.

Where do regular gums sour gums and peppermint gums come from?

up my bumhole

What do you do when you have bumps in your gums?

Well I recently went to the dentist and i too have bumps in my gums! But the dentist said he could Shoot a laser at it .... I know it sounds scary but its real! Im not joking!

What is the name for the gums?

Periodontal (gums):

How do you protect your gums?

Brushing your gums twice a day is the best way to protect your gums.

How do you get pink gums naturally?

anyone can get pink mother is dark brown and have really pink gums my sis as well i have darker gums but what i do is brush my gums at a 45 degree angle when i brush my teeth

Why do your gums bleed while brushing?

it could be becouse you are not taking care of them like you should be

What is wrong is you have a white line in your gums?

I have white lines all over my gums and my gums are not pink

What is the birth name of Jacory Gums?

Jacory Gums's birth name is Jacory J. Gums.

Are black gums healthy?

no they are smoker gums

Why does your dogs gums bleed?

It means that your dogs gums are unhealthy and you need to give him/her a bone to strengthen his/her gums

What do it mean when you brush your theeth and then you start bleeding out your mouth and your gums?

This means that your gums are unhealthy and are not getting proper blood flow. You need to get them healthy by stimulating them and keeping the area around the teeth clean. Flossing is not enough... get a gum stimulator and work those gums. It could mean you have gingivitis.

How do cats get periodontal disease?

The same way humans do. Bits of food gather around the base of the teeth, getting caught under the gums, and foster the growth of bacteria. The bacteria irritate the gums, and there you have periodontal disease. This is made worse in cats because, of course, they don't brush their teeth.

What could be some of the causes of swollen gums?

If you are suffering from swollen gums more than likely it is because of poor oral health. Poor oral health care can lead to gum disease or even oral cancer. On the other hand, you could be suffering from swollen gums due to minor injuries or high intake of sugary foods. If your condition worsens, see your doctor at once.

What happens if a dog has pale gums?

Could be internal bleeding,please go to the vet NOW!

Why does hydrogen peroxide hurt my teeth when rinsing?

Do you have any open sores on your gums? That could explain it.

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