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Read your lease. it should addrewss what will happen if you turn it in before the lease is up. Likely you WILL have to pay.

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What will happen if you get to many points on your license?

It depends on where your from. Most of the time you will just get it suspended for a couple weeks then once you get it back you cant get any traffic violations for about 2-4 months.

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Can you break your lease if an apartment complex raises your rent after 8 months into a year lease and you cant afford the new rent?

The lease is a contract. If it says the rent is X for one year, they are not free to increase it during that period. What you can afford has nothing to do with it. What matters is the law. Check if your city has rent control laws that limit the increases.

How do you add your underage brother to your apartment lease?

You cant...You must be of legal age to sign any legal document. A lease is a legal document.

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