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It really depends on the orthodontist and the type of braces they use. You can get free consultations from pretty much any orthodontist. They will tell you about how long you will need to wear them, you can decide together what type you want and they will let you know how much it will cost. And how much your insurance will cover, if they cover any and if you have insurance.

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Q: If you have a little overbite and some crooked teeth on bottom how long would you have to wear braces and how much would they cost?
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What size does your overbite have to be to get your braces off?

It should be about 2-3mm but your ortho will decide when to take them off. I have a little bit bigger overbite, but I'm getting my braces off in a month. It's just because my ortho said that I will be more comfortable with a little bigger overbite. :)

Are Tom Kaulitz teeth crooked?

In the pictures I've seen of Tomsmiling, they look pretty straightbut he doesn't smile big enough toprove they are crooked or straight...bill and tom used to have braces i heardHe has a little overbite but not as much as Bill and they only had braces for about a month because they didn't want them when they got successful with TH.

How long do you need braces if you have an overbite?

I had a huge overbite where you couldn't see any of my bottom teeth. I had to have braces on for 2 years and about a month. I also had to were binders and a power chain, (power chains are the regular chain you have on but you can only have one color and the color is all connected rather then individual. The colors are tiny little rubber band like things. And power chains are more tighter). For me I got my top braces on first then a few months latter I got my bottom braces on.

My four bottom teeth are a little bit crooked and im thinking about getting braces how long do you think I will last with them?

i would think about a year and a half or 2

Do you have to get braces if you have a little over bite and some crooked teeth?

It's your choice, of course if you get braces then you'll have perfect teeth but no you don't have to get them.

On a yorke puppy's teeth should the top teeth be over the bottom teeth or the bottom teeth be over the top teeth?

When your top jaw is over your bottom jaw, it is called an overbite. When your top jaw is behind the bottom jaw that is called and under-bite. For a human the normal is to have a 2 centimeter overbite, a little more with dogs.

When you are first getting braces do they hurt?

when getting braces on! Yes, and no! Yes, because when you first get them It will hurt a little bit! But after a while it goes away! And if u have crooked teeth like me it hurts a whole lot more!

How many pages does Crooked Little Vein have?

Crooked Little Vein has 304 pages.

When was Crooked Little Vein created?

Crooked Little Vein was created on 2007-07-24.

Why does my pitbull puppy have a overbite?

The over bite will not effect any function of the little guy.

Do you need braces one of your teeth stick out and they are a little crooked?

Only if you want them, it's more of an personal choice than anything because if they aren't really that bad a dentist/orthodontist will tell you it's not worth the money to straighten them out. If you were to get braces I would recommend the 6-month braces since they are cheaper and that's probably all you would need.

I had my elastics for about 3 months and i have a little overbite how long would it take for my overbite to be fixed?

If you have an overbite, and still wear elastic bands, the amount of time you have left can only be answered by your orthodontist. Not everyone's teeth move at the same rate or need the same amount of correction.

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