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It really depends on the orthodontist and the type of braces they use. You can get free consultations from pretty much any orthodontist. They will tell you about how long you will need to wear them, you can decide together what type you want and they will let you know how much it will cost. And how much your insurance will cover, if they cover any and if you have insurance.

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Q: If you have a little overbite and some crooked teeth on bottom how long would you have to wear braces and how much would they cost?
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What size does your overbite have to be to get your braces off?

It should be about 2-3mm but your ortho will decide when to take them off. I have a little bit bigger overbite, but I'm getting my braces off in a month. It's just because my ortho said that I will be more comfortable with a little bigger overbite. :)

Are Tom Kaulitz teeth crooked?

In the pictures I've seen of Tomsmiling, they look pretty straightbut he doesn't smile big enough toprove they are crooked or straight...bill and tom used to have braces i heardHe has a little overbite but not as much as Bill and they only had braces for about a month because they didn't want them when they got successful with TH.

How long do you need braces if you have an overbite?

I had a huge overbite where you couldn't see any of my bottom teeth. I had to have braces on for 2 years and about a month. I also had to were binders and a power chain, (power chains are the regular chain you have on but you can only have one color and the color is all connected rather then individual. The colors are tiny little rubber band like things. And power chains are more tighter). For me I got my top braces on first then a few months latter I got my bottom braces on.

My four bottom teeth are a little bit crooked and im thinking about getting braces how long do you think I will last with them?

i would think about a year and a half or 2

Do you have to get braces if you have a little over bite and some crooked teeth?

It's your choice, of course if you get braces then you'll have perfect teeth but no you don't have to get them.

On a yorke puppy's teeth should the top teeth be over the bottom teeth or the bottom teeth be over the top teeth?

When your top jaw is over your bottom jaw, it is called an overbite. When your top jaw is behind the bottom jaw that is called and under-bite. For a human the normal is to have a 2 centimeter overbite, a little more with dogs.

When you are first getting braces do they hurt?

when getting braces on! Yes, and no! Yes, because when you first get them It will hurt a little bit! But after a while it goes away! And if u have crooked teeth like me it hurts a whole lot more!

How many pages does Crooked Little Vein have?

Crooked Little Vein has 304 pages.

Do you need braces one of your teeth stick out and they are a little crooked?

Only if you want them, it's more of an personal choice than anything because if they aren't really that bad a dentist/orthodontist will tell you it's not worth the money to straighten them out. If you were to get braces I would recommend the 6-month braces since they are cheaper and that's probably all you would need.

I had my elastics for about 3 months and i have a little overbite how long would it take for my overbite to be fixed?

If you have an overbite, and still wear elastic bands, the amount of time you have left can only be answered by your orthodontist. Not everyone's teeth move at the same rate or need the same amount of correction.

Why does my pitbull puppy have a overbite?

The over bite will not effect any function of the little guy.

Can you stll gauge your ears if the piercings are a little bit crooked?

Yes you can. If they are a little bit crooked. If it's very noticable it won't look that good.

When do you start seeing results with braces?

little by little

What are bracket braces?

brackets are the little square thing on your braces take it from some one who HAS braces ACTUALLY :P :)

Is it possible for wisdom teeth extraction to cause an overbite?

I sure hope not. I had $5K worth of braces 10 years ago and had my wisdom teeth out 5 days ago. My jaw is still swollen and I have noticed that my overbite is definitely worse than it was last week. I'm hoping it's just due to the swelling and tightness in my jaw and that when everything is settled, things will go back into place. If anyone has a real answer, please let me know. It takes much more than wisdom teeth to get an overbite. Usually an overbite is caused by a bad relationship of the upper jaw with the lower jaw. Wisdom teeth can cause minor misalignment in teeth if there is little space and if there are not extracted.

Are braces and brackets the same?

Braces are the accual thing that makes em' BRACES. brackets are the little things that hold them together.

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What treatment is there for an overbite in a dog?

Some overbites can be corrected with dental appliances (similar to braces or headgear in humans), but this can be expensive and requires meeting with a veterinarian who is board-certified in animal dentistry. Other options include breaking and extending the lower jaw to match the upper jaw or pulling some teeth to allow the upper jaw to pull back a bit. I would start with an examination by your regular veterinarian to see if it appears the overbite will cause nutritional or structural problems. If the overbite is small, the dog may just be able to live with it and be a little different in appearance. However, if the overbite is large and could affect the dog's ability to eat and drink throughout life, you will need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

How do you have to be to get braces?

You could be seven or older to get braces because it depends if all of your little teeth fell out.

Can you play the trombone with braces?

Yes you can play the trombone with braces. Braces might make it a little more difficult at first to play but you will get use to it.

Does your jaw shift after braces?

a little bit.

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What are the steps that an orthodontists takes to put in braces?

Usually will make a mould of your mouth top and bottom. Then a week before your appointment to get braces he will put spacers in which are little bands that go in between your teeth. A week later he will put the braces in. That's mine and my friends experiences although i didn't have any extractions so I missed that bit out. Sekhmet

What types of braces are there?

Types Of Braces are: Metal Braces These are the traditional stainless steel braces. however we also use the mini bracket system which are smaller in size and hence less visible and so you donโ€™t have a notorious metal mouth. Invisible Braces Invisible braces serve as a cosmetic alternative to traditional metal braces by blending more with the natural color of the teeth and having a less conspicuous or hidden appearance. Typically, these brackets are made of ceramic or plastic materials and function in a similar manner to traditional metal brackets. Lingual Braces These are braces fixed on the inner surface of teeth. The traditional ones are a little uncomfortable as it is in contact with the tongue. But relax , the modern lingual braces are custom made with a gold base and are more sleek in design as it takes up the tooth shape and hence are more comfortable. Ceramic Braces These are transparent braces which are least visible in mouth. they are a very good alternative for those who are not comfortable to wear metal braces. Ceramic braces never change colour, though the rubber bands used to hold the wire might get a little stained. these bands are changed every appointment. Self Ligating Braces These braces do not need rubber bands to hold the wire to the bracket and hence are more hygienic and faster than normal braces. there are metal and ceramic types in these braces too.