If you have a lump at one side of your navel piercing what could it be?

It could be infected, if not cleaned well. It could be a sign of hepatitis c. NO I would have thought that it is either infected or your body rejecting it. NO My friend got one and it kind of looks like a little zit, our peircer said that the peircing probably got irritated badly, and just keep it clean, don't mess with it, and it should heal on its own. NO I had that problem and i left it i thought it was supposed to be there but it wasnt i irritated it too much by taking it out and putting it back in 2 weeks after i got it done i did becaus eknow one belived it was real then i went to the docotors i had to take perscribtion pills for it and everything it hurt really bad i let it close and then re pierced it by my slef i have not had a problem since but my sudgestion would be dont take it out before your supposed to just leave it be clean it right and dont irritate it it should be fine Answer That happened to Me a few years ago when I got mine done (I was just turned 12) I got lazy with the piercing and didn't like the fact of waking up early hours i n the morning and c;eaning the piercing with water as soon as i got up and showered. I went to the shop where I got my navel pierced and they said it was just puss that needed to be released and said it'll go down soon but it didn't, so I decided to squeese it as if it were a spot or something to let the puss out. It did th piercing the world of good and i cleaned to lots after and now it's fine and looks great. Check the Related Links for a solution to your problems with lumps and bumps.