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If you have a period and are extremely emotional afterwards can you still be pregnant?


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You could have gotten pregnant on your period


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it depends. how long afterwards and did you have sex. if you didnt have sex then no

It is extremely unlikely you are pregnant if you had a normal period. Missing a period is how you suspect you are pregnant.

Yes. Emotional stressors can affect your period.

It is extremely uncommon for a woman to be pregnant and still have a period. If you are pregnant and experience a regular period i suggest you see a doctor immediately.

Yes you can, but the risk is extremely low.

If you've gotten your period afterwards, it's unlikely that you're pregnant

Yes. liking boys is extremely dangerous and will instantly make you pregnant.

Your period would be shorter than usual because it isn't an actual period. You'll feel cramps and all. very similar sypthoms but not a real period

There have been people who haven't had a period for six months and they weren't pregnant and started their period afterwards, but it would be best to take a pregnancy test if you haven't already done so.

No, because you don't ovulate until almost 10 days afterwards

No this is not caused by pregnancy. What you descibed is normal. The tampon is blocking the urine from being released and when you remove the tampon you urinate. You will not have a period and be pregnant.

Most likely, no. Very rarely do women have their period of they are pregnant. If you do not have your period when it would usually come, or within two weeks afterwards, there is a chance of pregnancy. If you have the other signs of pregnancy but you are on your period, it would still be smart to take a pregnancy test.

No but you should defauntly consult your local gynacologist. It could be serious or not

When a woman gets pregnant she loses her period for 9 months and carries around a baby for 9 get emotional and hormonal...

Odds are extremely good that your period was just late. There have been some cases of women still getting their period while pregnant, but not very many at all. The odds are extremely slim. Chill out and sort yourself out some good contraception!

Yes, you could be pregnant, but you could also be about to start your period. It's been my experience that emotional upset, or drastic change in my life can throw my usually regular period off sometimes. Have you had any recent changes in your life, either emotional or physical, such as a car accident, a breakup, or a diet change?

Extremely well, that is when a woman is most fertile.

Yes. You might not have a period if you are extremely underweight, over stressed, or going through menopause.

Once you get your period, you know that you are not pregnant. Emotional issues and other events can cause women to be late, even a month late. For example, I had an aunt, who, no matter what, got her period when she went on vacation.

sometimes due to stress the girl's period can come late but if you waited a extremely long time then you could be pregnant check with a pregnancy test or a gyn ( i prefer the gyn )

There are no risks afterwards assuming a skilled doctor did it. It's like when you get your period and the lining of the uterus sheds and then heals.

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