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Yes, you are a full Irish citizen, eligible for an Irish passport, a member of the EU.

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Q: If you have a post nuptial Irish citizenship can you live in France?
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Can a us citizen live in France?

Yes! A US citizen can live in France while retaining US citizenship. He or she can also have dual citizenship or apply for French citizenship.

Does Ireland allow dual citizenship with new zealand?

Yes, both countries allow dual citizenship. However, if you live more than ten years outside Ireland, you will lose your Irish citizenship.

IF You live in France but were born in Britain can you get a French passport or gain French citizenship?

you have to live in France for ten years and then a get a freance citzenship yeah just like most countrys!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the requirements for a US citizen to move to France?

You must live in France for several years while applying for citizenship and be able to speak enough French to be able to get by in France.

How do you use citizenship in a sentence?

I have citizenship to live in Mexico .

If you marry a woman with us citizenship can you live in the US?

if you had citizenship.

How do you get citizenship in Colombia?

live there

Can someone live in a country after they have applied for citizenship?

No, not until they have obtained that citizenship.

Where does the Irish live?

im irish they can live anywhere in the world but most live in Ireland

Where did Irish monks live?

Irish monks did and do live in Ireland in a Monastery.

Where do Irish wolfhounds live?

Irish Wolfhounds are domesticated dogs. They live whereever their owners live.

When was The Irish Rovers Live created?

The Irish Rovers Live was created in 1972.

How long does it take to get Irish citizenship All variants are considered like spouse sponsorship employer sponsorship etc?

If you married to Irish it's 3 years that you have to continously live in Ireland.Otherwise it's 5 years prior you submit your application.However there are backlog in most Irish departments and it's even worst when it comes to immigration/foreighn affair so it takes another 2 years or even more that you will be granted citizenship.

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'live'?

If you mean the adjective 'live', it is 'beo' ***************************************************************** If the verb 'to live' is intended, the Irish would be mairím, 'I live'.

You are a US Citizen eligible for Irish citizenship and would like to know what are the pros and cons of having an Irish citizenship?

Indefinite right to living, work, study, own residence and even retire in all of the 27 member states of the European Union.But if you come back and live for more than 10 years outside of Ireland, you may lose it again.

What did Irish immigrants live in?

Irish immigrants lived in tenements.......

How do you get American citizenship?

live in united state for 5 years and apply for citizenship and test and passEASY RIGHT

How can an Irish American become an Irish citizen?

yes just live there

Where did the Irish people live?

You will find Irish people living worldwide

What part of France do toucans live?

they don't live in france

Where do Irish people live in America?

Irish people live all over America, in every single state.

Do most Irish people live in the country or city?

most Irish people now live in cities and towns

Atleast how many days should we live in uk to get the citizenship and is it important to live those days continuosly?

You are required to live in the UK for at least 10 years in order to get the citizenship and is it important to live those years continuously.

Where in Texas did the Irish settle?

in where you live!!!

Were do Irish deer live?