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No you do not.The only chlorine you will use in a salt system is a shock.But even then you should use only a NON-Chlorine shock.And by the way Chlorine in your skimmer is a very bad Idea, The high concentration of chlorine going straight to your equipment (pump,heater,filter)will shorten it's life considerably. Kenny Kummer Brody Chemical

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Q: If you have a saltwater system that produces its own chlorine do you still need to have a chlorine tablet in the skimmer at all times like a standard system?
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Can you put a chlorine tablet in the skimmer?

Yes...I found that if you keep your chlorine a bit high in your pool it will stay clear...and by putting the tablets in the skimmer it just helps by releasing the chlorine.

What size chlorine tabs for swimming pools works best?

Depends on what the chlorine demand is for your pool. 1 inch tablets are not compressed as hard as 3 inch tabs and skimmer sticks. If your pool requires more chlorine you may want to use 1 inch tablets. If it has a low chlorine demand skimmer sticks may be all your need. Skimmer sticks are the hardest compressed and slower dissolving.

Is placing chlorine tabs in the skimmer of an in-ground pool an effective method of maintaining proper chlorine levels?

ABSOLUTLY NOT! The first thing that will fail is the pool heater. Tabs in the skimmer could be extremely costly.

Do you put chemicals in skimmer basket?

Most are OK if pool is running. NEVER leave chlorine tablets in skimmer baskets of in ground pools for any length of time. High concentrations of chlorine can damage underground lines. Get a chlorinator.

How can you keep your chlorine levels up?

Keep 1 to 2 chlorine tablets in Skimmer every day, depends on the size of the pool too.

How many chlorine tablets should be placed in floating skimmer for 5000 Gal of water?


How often do you add chlorine?

We added an automatic chlorinator which has made life a little simpler--if you cannot do that we had floaters in our pool all the time with tablet chlorine & we have put tablets in the skimmer basket to quickly get the chlorine in the water.

How do you easily chlorinate a pool without an automatic chlorinator so that it can last a week?

Raise the chlorine level to 3.0, then add some chlorine sticks or tablets to the skimmer basket.

How do you open your pool you use chlorine?

yes you can use chlorine fill pool to middle of skimmer make sure pump is on and stays on pour 1 jug 10l of chlorine in leave for 24 hrs DO NOT swim in it till the 24 hr's is up

What is a skimmer weir?

A skimmer weir is the plastic flap and the opening of the skimmer. It traps leaves that are pulled into the skimmer when the pump is running and then holds the leaves in the skimmer whne the pump shuts down

Do you put shock in pool water or pump?

Most chemicals for swimming pools are applied directly to the water, not through the skimmer. The only exception to this rule is stabilizer (cya) which is poured directly through the skimmer and is a slow dissolving product. Pouring granular chlorine directly into the skimmer can cause an explosion within the plumbing and equipment due to the gas it creates as it dissolves.

What do you do when a child poops in an above ground pool?

GET OUT! just teasing but you should scoop it out before it gets into the skimmer or vacuum hose and shock heavily with chlorine.

Why doesn't chlorine stay in pool water more than 24hrs?

Both the sun and bacteria in the pool breaks down the chlorine. You need to keep up the chlorine level daily to keep the pool clear, either by adding or using tablets in the skimmer as you filter. Ues a test kit to check it.

Skimmer GTA vice city?

if your talking about the plane skimmer there is no skimmer but there is a very simulair plane called a dodo

How do you clean an above ground pool?

With a filter, vacuum, skimmer net, brush and water sanitizer like chlorine to get the exact details have a talk with your local pool shop.

Can you add chlorine straight in to a pool without a chlorine dispenser?

Sure you can use liquid chlorine and walk around the pool. You can use granular chlorine directly into the pool. If it doesn't disolve before it gets to the bottom you should brush it around so it won't stain. Never add pucks/tabs directly to the pool OR THE SKIMMER. (BAD FOR THE EQUIPMENT) They will sink to the bottom and stain.

How can I stop air bubbles from skimmer?

turn off the skimmer

When was Purple Skimmer created?

Purple Skimmer was created in 1922.

When was Widow Skimmer created?

Widow Skimmer was created in 1839.

Why is the clorine disappearing?

Chlorine disappears from bacteria, algae, hot sun, and heavy use. You need to keep chlorine level up daily by checking it with a test kit and adding when needed. If you use tablets in the skimmer this will help every time you run the pump

When do you need to use chlorine tablets?

Chlorine tablets dissolve slowly and do a good job of maintaining chlorine levels. TriChlor (the most common type of chlorine tablets) are stabilized and have a low pH. As such, they partner well with liquid or granular chlorine, since both are generally unstabilized and have a high pH.Do not put chlorine tablets into a skimmer. They have a low pH that could damage pump seals and heaters. The damage is most pronounced when the pump restarts after the tablets have had a chance to dissolve for several hours and have lowered the pH in the water that is sitting in the skimmer. At this time, a couple of gallons of really low pH water will flow through the system.Floaters or inline dispensers are the best way to use tablets.

How long of a wait to put muriatic acid in your pool after adding chlorine?

Approx. 5 to 15 minutes. Or enough time for the circulation system to disperse the chlorine. Or you could add it to the opposite side of the pool. Remember not to add the acid to closely to the skimmer or main drain.

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