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If you don't have the serial key and you haven't installed the program (or can't), then follow the software manufacturers process from their website on how to get a new key. If you legally bought the software they should give you a new key.

However, if you DO have the software already installed on some computer but just lost or forgot the key, then you can find the key by using Everest. Download a trial of Everest Ultimate from Open the program and go to Software --> Licenses and it will list the serial codes for all software you have installed on your computer.

You might try downloading Belarc Advisor from, tucows, program files,etc. It's a pretty good program and it just might give you your answer.

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Q: If you have a software CD but have lost the product key is there anyway of finding the number or loading the software program without the key?
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There are many different ways to find information on loading a new software program onto your computer. If that particular program did not come with directions, try visiting the manufacturer's website for instructions, or instructions on how to get installation instructions.

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Each software program has their product keys located in different areas. Some are on the outside of a box, some are inside on separate sheets of paper, and some are on the CD itself. It really just depends. I would contact the company and have them assist your with finding a product key.

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How can you prevent software piracy?

To prevent software privacy you can protect your program with a CD key or a hardware key. This will require people to own the CD and box of the product, only available in stores.

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Firstly do you need to software program. Buying software is one thing but can you use the software for more than filling up space on a hard disk. Any new software will take time for you to learn how to use the program to its best advantage. Then there is the problem of software obtained from a friend rather than bought from the developer. If you want to get 'free' software then you run the risk of getting problems not software which will not be supported by the people who wrote the software in the first place