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i'm guessing this is for a car stereo, i would recommend u check out or just .com and look near the top for support......they have many wiring options for u to choose from

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Q: If you have a subwoofer and amplifier with 1000 watt rms and 3000 watt peak power what kind of wiring kit do you need and where can you find one?
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What kind of amp do you need for one 10 inch Alpine Type X subwoofer?

Alpine offered up until last year the PDX-1000 wich is a 1000 Watts RMS amplifier designed with the type X subwoofer series in mind. Now the best match would be the PDX-M12. Set the amplifier gain carefully as this amplifier is a bit strong for this subwoofer.

Will a 1200 watt amplifier blow out a 1000 watt subwoofer?

Technically, yes. Practically, no. Amplifiers and speakers are rated by the maximum amount of power (and at what impedance) they can handle. A 1200 watt amplifier will eventually destroy a 1000 watt speaker if it is operated at maximum power. In normal use, however, you rarely even get close to maximum rating.

Which car subwoofer has the most features for a decent price?

The MTX Audio Magnum MB212P 1000 Watt 2-12" Subwoofer Box w/Car Amplifier is a good one to start.

Can you power a 1200 watt sub with a 1000 watt amplifier?


Is 1 farad capacitor enough for 1000 watts pioneer sub woofer?

It depends on the power rating of the amplifier. The rule of thumb is often said to be 1000 RMS watts per farad. RMS watts is basically the average output of your amp/subwoofer. The power ratings most often given by manufacturers are Peak Watts, ie. how much power the amp/sub can take before breaking down. The RMS wattage is often about half of your Peak rating. So, given that you are running your 1000w Peak Pioneer subwoofer on a 1000w Peak amplifier, and given that both of them are 500w RMS, yes, a 1 farad capacitor would give the amplifier enough juice to run the sub.

What power of amplifier will you need to for 1000 watt subwoofers?

Find out what the rms is for that sub woofer,if it'1000 then find out what the max is,then you could go between the rms power and the max power to get the right amount of watts.

What size amplifier will power 3 JL audio 8w7's?

1000 watts rms should be plenty

What is the remote code for a Digital Research DR 1000 5.1 amplifier?

what is the code for digital research dr 1000 5.1 amplifier

Which car amplifier is best for BMWs?

BMW's factory amplifier is actually a really great one but if your looking to go with some thing else you can try the Kenwood KAC-7204 1000-Watt Max Power.

Is a 1000 watt power amplifier enough to power a 1000 watt subwoofer?

watt rating of a speaker is max power it can handle without getting damaged. it will produce proportionate amount of sound for less power from amp., even for 1 watt.The power output ratings for most amplifiers are very misleading. That number,i.e.,1000 watt , is under one certain type of condition for 1 second. Usually the frequency of 1khz for 1 second. The true output under actual operating conditions 20hz-20Khz is probably closer to 100 actual watts of music power or sound reproduction power. The same with the speaker rating,,,the power rated is at the same conditions Max power @ certain frequency @ certain amount of time.Safest bet,,,,,always use a larger rated speaker for an amplifier. If you have a 200 watt amp,,,use a speaker rated a minimum of 200 watts,,,,400 is better.

Is it true that a subwoofer with over 1000 watts can damage your house foundation?

no this is completely false.

Which amplifier is better the alpine mrp-1000 or sony explod?

Alpine by far.

What size capacitor you need for a 1000 watts amplifier?

1 farad capacitor

Why op amp circuit without negative feedback so unstable?

I f an amplifier has a great gain lets say 1000 and the power supply is 10 v then 10 mv will saturate the amplifier to either rail some amps has 10mv just in offset voltage

Will a jbl car amplifier 5 channels 660 watts be enough to a subwoofer of 1000 watts?

What you want to look for is the RMS of the amp and the sub. . . im going to guess that the 660 is the peak watts of the amp and the 1000 is the peak of the sub so in that case the amp would push it but not like is can be pushed. . . with 1000 watts your sub's rms is around 600 i would guess so you need an amp around 600 rms and you want to get and amp that has 2 channels so you can bridge the amp and get more power to your sub you can try that with the 660 watt amp you have and you should hear a big difference. . .

If you get subwoofers for your car do you need to have an amplifier?

Yes unless its a powered subwoofer Match the RMS power of the amp to the sub(s). Ignore so called 'peak' and 'max' power, called fuzzy wats and just plain hype by tuners and tweakers alike. Some manufacturers also use the term 'constant' power. By keeping everything balanced you keep the components stress level down for longer life and save money. Buying a 1000 wat amp for 150 wat subs is a waste of money.

Which Amp has the most features and power for my money?

The MA Audio 1000-watt 2-Channel MOSFET Car Amplifier offers all of the high end features fround on much more expensive amps for a fraction of the price. With 1000 Watts of power, it also is capable of excellent performance, and is a great option for the money.

Can you hook two linear amps together to achieve great power than from the original transmitter?

Yes. Two or more linear amplifiers can be connected in series. The impedances must matched between them, and also the undistorted output power available from from the first amplifier must not exceed the input power required by the second amplifier to deliver its maximum undistorted output power, and so on. An example arrangement might look like this: 1 watt transmitter -> 10 watt amplifier -> 100 watt amplifier -> 1000 watt amplifier Amplifiers can be connected in parallel under certain conditions. The amplifiers must be identical in gain, phase, and amplitude performance. They should be identical in all respects for best success. A combiner or hybrid circuit is used to split the incoming signal equally between the amplifiers, and a (larger) hybrid circuit is used to combine the outputs of the amplifiers into one comon signal. YOU MAY ADD another more powerfull amplifier on the output in series to the original amplifier. What you realy want is a parallel amplifier to doubble your power.

What Size amp should I get for a 900 watt RMS subwoofer. Im not sure of the max power.?

the subs rms tells you what u need.. so a 900 watt rms sub would be best with an amp from 800-1000 watts

How do you write power of 1000?


What the power of 10 to 1000?

103 = 1000

What size amp do you need to power two 1000 watt subwoofers?

It is a good idea to typically use and amplifier of equal or greater power than your subs ratings, I tend to recommend 120% of rated power. So in your case a 2000 to 2400 watt amp, this does depend on your speaker power though (is the power peak or RMS) you will need to take this into consideration.

If you have a 300 watt RMS and 1000Watt peak power sub-woofer what rating of an amplifier should one consider using?

an amp with 300 or less rms wattage output and 1000 or less peak wattage output.

What is 1000 expressed as a power of 10?

It is: 103 = 1000

How do you write 1000 as a power?

1000 = 23*53