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Q: If you have a voluntary repossession on your credit but no one has picked up the car how long do they have to pick it up before you can sell it or fix it?
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How does a voluntary repossession affect your credit?

it's all the same whether you turned it in or they picked it up

If you call in a voluntary repossession do you have to keep paying on the car until its picked up?

If it drives, take it to the finance company and hand them the keys.

Does repossession show on your credit report as soon as the car is taken or after it is auctioned?

It can show at any time. A repossession is compleated as soon as the car is picked up so it does not matter what happens after the repossession it still did happen.

How will a repossession affect your credit in future purchases if the rest of your credit is good and it continues to be good?

Most lenders will view it as a one time thing and consider ALL your other credit experience. Some may require a larger downpayment. seven years. and it will affect your credit badly for the first two to four years...regardless. If it has to be repossed let it be a willing repossession or try to sell it out-right before it is picked up. Credit in this time is as important as air. Don't damage it. I am a loan officer

If lender listed car as a repossession within last 24 hours is it too late to avoid having it on credit report if it has not been picked up yet?

First of all, a lender does not report a vehicle as a repossession until they actually have possession of the vehicle. Then immediately via computer the code is entered and authorities notified. The credit reporting company may be a little slow getting the repo on your report however, but any new lender is going to check your report before giving you a new loan. After a vehicle is repo'd you usually have a few days prior to sale of that vehicle, to get the vehicle back if you pay the account current plus any repo expenses if it was a voluntary repo. If it was not voluntary, and the lender had to take the vehicle, they probably will not redeem the vehicle back to you, but it never hurts to ask.

How do you write a voluntary repossession letter?

Simply state in the letter that you wish to surrender the vehicle, list the loan number, the VIN, or any other way to identify the vehicle and the account with the lender. Notify them where the vehicle can be picked up, and where the keys will be located. And, have it there when the agents come to recover it.

How long does it take for a car repossession to show up on your credit report?

1-6 months depending on the lender. Once the vehicle is picked up and sent to auction which will happen in 30-60 days.Once the paperwork is processed when the vehicle is picked up the cbr should be updated within 30 days.

How long will a company try to locate a car designated for repossession?

I have picked up a couple that were on the books for 3 years. It really depends on the LENDER. They are the BOSS.

How late on payments do you have to be before your car can be repoed in Kentucky?

One day. Typically it takes the lender a week or more, usually a month before they send out the order of repossession. If you are trying to figure out the float on how long it is safe to be delinquent, don't bother. Once you have gone into repossession, the lender can still have your vehicle picked up, even if you pay current. You breached a contract, the penalty of that is the surrender of the secured property, the car. Do what you have to to pay the note, or be honorable and surrender the vehicle.

What are Auto Loans?

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What defense can do you have against repossession company?

Your question is too vague. If you are asking what defense do you have against a repo company if your payments are behind and they came and picked up your car without breaking the law, then nothing. If your payments are current and there is no legitimate repossession order, then they stole the car. There are too many variables to answer this question accurately.

What is a black olive?

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Can you buy a house with a auto repossession?

YES U CAN!! I experienced a repossession July 2009. I had began to pay items off my credit because I wanted too become a homeowner in 2009. I had two car payments plus my normal household bills. I was able to make my payments on my first car because I was working overtime. I had been paying on that car for two years before I wasn't able to make the payments anymore. I got my taxes in 09 & played catch up to get my payments caught because I was truly trying to avoid having the car repo'd. It became to stressful so I had to let it go. I wasn't driving it so I figured it would be in my best interest to let it go. I DID!! They came & picked up the car & I still had an outstanding balance. 6 months after the repossession the creditor caontacted me about a settlement. I accepted, paid it & now I AM LOOKING for MY HOUSE!! I AM A WITNESS THAT EVEN WITH A REPOSSESSION YOU CAN STILL BECOME A HOMEOWNER!!

Are the repossession agent allowed to charge a storage fee and and a repossession fee in the state of Arizona?

If my vehicle was repossessed at 8:00 pm and I paid the lien holder the full amount to pay off the loan. Can the towing company charge two days of storage when I picked up my vehicle at 1:00 pm the following day?

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If your husband recently passed but you had voluntary repossession of his vehicle which was picked up this morning and the title and financing were in his name would you be responsible as his wife?

You should consult an attorney for the correct answer, but, my experience would indicate that you would not be responsible if you did not sign on the contract at the time the auto was purchased. * If the married couple did not live in a community property state, the debt belongs solely to the deceased and becomes a part of the probate procedure the surviving spouse would not be responsible.

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