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No, unless that wireless card is a bluetooth adapter some computers will have it built in but if you don't know it doesn't.

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What is the difference between a Wireless-G Card with Bluetooth and a Wireless-N Card with Bluetooth?

what is a wireless g card with bluetooth?

Does this product have wireless of bluetooth capabilities?

No, this printer does not have either bluetooth or wireless capabilities.

Is a bluetooth considered rechargeable and wireless?

Yes a bluetooth could be considered rechargeable and wireless. That is a very broad category but a bluetooth headset is wireless and rechargeable.

What card connects other computers and peripherals?

An ethernet (NIC) card, a wireless card, a bluetooth card, a firewire card, a USB card, a Sata card, a pcicia/cardbus card, etc.

Are bluetooth stereo and bluetooth different?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology. Bluetooth Stereo basically means Wireless technology + Stereo = wireless stereo. :) Some Bluetooth headsets have stereo capability meaning that you can play music on your phone / mp3 player, etc (the device must have bluetooth) and you can use a bluetooth stereo headset to listen to the music from your phone,etc.

How do you pair a wireless keyboard to an iMac?

If it is a bluetooth wireless keyboard all you have to do is first make sure the bluetooth on the Mac is turned on and discoverable. Open System Preferences > Bluetooth, and check Bluetooth On & Discoverable. Now just turn on the bluetooth keyboard and you Mac will pair with it. If it is a wireless keyboard that is not bluetooth, you will need to install the wireless device in any USB port on your Mac. Turn the keyboard on and it should work.

What is Bluetooth technology used for?

Bluetooth technology is used in a variety of wireless devices, to transmit and receive information from all kind of other wireless electronic devices. (such as cellphone-cellphone, cellphone-notebook, pda-notebook etc.) yes. that's right, especially applying to audio products such as wireless bluetooth speakers, bluetooth receiver, etc. with wireless bluetooth technology, music lovers can listen to their favorite music wireless through bluetooth enabled speaker and srtream music wireless, that's easy and convenient to use.

Is wireless lan built in laptop capable to connect and work in a car?

Not yet. Most wireless devices like the iPod, and other MP3 players use Bluetooth wireless to connect to some of the newest car radio's. The wireless Network card in the computer is a different form of wireless. If the laptop had Bluetooth built in I don't think it could then either? Not set up that way?

What is the difference between bluetooth and a wireless head-set?

Well the wireless headsets use bluetooth to send the information back and forth. You need Bluetooth to use a wireless headset but you don't specifically need to buy a Bluetooth brand. However, bluetooth is also used for file transfers like pictures from the phone, transfering ringtones and updating notes and calendars. Bluetooth is not just a headset you talk to in your ear. Bluetooth is the mechanism that allows wireless headsets to work.

Has a HTC legend got bluetooth?

Yes, all you have to do is: Settings ---> Wireless & Networks ---> Bluetooth/Bluetooth Settings

What advantage does WIFI have over bluetooth?

Bluetooth and WiFi have two different functions...Bluetooth is for wireless connections to headphones, mice, keyboards etc. WiFi is for wireless connection to the Internet.

What is a wireless technology for printing?


What kind of wireless is in a ps3?


What are the different types of wireless communication in networking?

bluetooth is a wireless communication

Does the Nintendo 3DS have Bluetooth?

The Nintendo 3DS does have wireless communication capabilities, but they are not Bluetooth.

Are the Dr Dre Beats solo headphones bluetooth enabled?

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones don't use BlueTooth because they're not Wireless. Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless headphones you BlueTooth because they're wireless.

Is there wireless access through the GPS (non-bluetooth)?

No, this GPS can only be used through bluetooth access.

Blue tooth mouse to work with your wireless card?

your laptop or desktop has to have bluetooth to be able to use it you shoud just buy a wirless mouse with an usb adapter if you computer or laptop doesnt have bluetooth enabled

What 'wireless' technology is named after an ancient Viking leader?

the answer is bluetooth

Are iPads Wireless?

Yes, they use wireless internet, bluetooth and BTstack (if jailbroken)

How do you connect a laptop to a wireless printer?


What wireless technology replaced infrared?


Does Verizon offer free bluetooth software?

Verizon Wireless does not offer free bluetooth software, but a bluetooth headset is available for purchase via the online Verizon Wireless store. Software should come included with any bluetooth set that you buy.

Can you connect a Bose wireless Bluetooth to your ps3?

Yes go into bluetooth settings and follow directions.

if i get the wireless internet card, do i need the wireless internet provider?

what is a wireless card

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