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The USA has no obligation to allow entry to someone who is NOT a Canadian citizen. Your Immigration status in Canada means nothing to the US government. They decide who can enter their country, or not.


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Only with a special authorization permit. Otherwise sneak them in.

As far as I understand it, anyone who is not a Canadian citizen/immigrant/permanent resident, you need a work permit.

No, it is a verb or noun. The noun "permit" (authorization) may be used as a noun adjunct with other nouns (permit parking, permit application).


yeah you can...i got a job permit, I'm 13... only thing you need is your parents authorization... and that's it!

No, the noun 'permit' is a concrete noun, a word for a document granting authorization, a license; a word for a physical thing.The abstract noun form of the verb to permit is permission.

In Canada you can drive with a learner's permit, as long as there is a licensed driver in the front seat with you.

The abstract noun form of the verb permit is permission.The word 'permit' is also a noun, a concrete noun, a word for a document granting authorization, a license; a word for a thing.

You can get your Canada work permit by applying online on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. This website will tell you all you need to know about work permits in Canada.

The verb related to the noun permission is to permit (to allow), i.e. to permit someone to do something is to give permission. The word permit is also used as a noun meaning a written permission or other authorization.

Green Card and a US Passport will be enough for a person to re- enter the US. One thing to be noted here is the duration that one stays out of the US. If the person is away from the US for a year or longer, then a permit to reenter must be obtained. The applicant should have applied for the permit and got it approved before leaving the US itself.Form I-131 is used to apply for permit to reenter the US

only in canada, but you have to have a permit

The word 'permit' is both a verb and a noun.The noun 'permit' is a word for a document granting authorization, a license; a word for a thing.Examples of the word 'permit' as a verb and a noun:His father will not permit him to go to the store.You need a permit before you can build a garage.The noun form of the verb to permit is permission. Example:The teacher gave us permission to go to the library.

A full licence is, but a learner's permit is not.

Yes you can drive in Canada with a learners permit. But you must be a Canadian citizen and there should be a person with a valid driving licence on the wheel.

A study permit alone is not enough to be able to gain work with in Canada. You would have to apply for a student work permit. -- Yes you can. Find information about working at the school where you study. Or Find information about working off campus while you study in Canada.

The person working will have a work permit or landed immigrant papers this is up tho his employer to see it, otherwise it really is no one's business, which brings into question, how does one really know whether the person is illegal or not?/

for portuguese nationality you have to apply for L.M.O then apply for P.R(permit resident) on these basis you can work in canada

A Canadian work permit or Visa varies in duration depending on the nature of your job within Canada as well as the work permit category that you applied under. It is possible to extend your work permit.

You MUST have certain requred documents. See Below Link:

No. You would need to apply at the Social Security Administration for a social security number.

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