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No in fact yeast infections can be a sign that you are pregnant because the surge of hormones that are going through your body and all the changes your body is going through during to your doctor if your concerned about anything and are pregnant or trying to conceive hope this helps, Good luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: If you have a yeast infection could this prevent you from getting pregnant?
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If you have a yeast infection could you be pregnant?

yeast infections have nothing to do with being or getting pregnant

Is it true that anemia can prevent a woman from getting pregnant?

You would have to be very ill with anemia to prevent you getting pregnant. If you are mildly anemic it should not make any difference in getting pregnant but a pregnancy does put great strain on the system and by the end you could be very anemic so you should really discuss your options with your doctor.

Why is a vasectomy very effective in preventing a female to get pregnant?

A vasectomy prevents a male making a female pregnant. It does not prevent a female getting pregnant since she could get pregnant with a male who has not had a vasectomy or by artificial insemination.

What does tetanus shot prevent?

It prevents you from getting a bacterial infection when dirt or soil enters a cut. This could also be known as TETANUS or lockjaw.

A few days after ovulation you got a yeast infection could you be pregnant?

You could be. But the yeast infection would not be a result of being pregnant. Yeast infections after ovulation could be a result of high estrogen levels.

Can you be pregnant if you have yeast infection?

A yeast infection is not a symptom of pregnancy but is something some women experience, pregnant or not. If you've had sex you could be pregnant, a pregnancy test is the best way to determine if you are pregnant.

Can you get an infection from a condom being stuck in you?

Possibly, if your partner has some infection. You could also get pregnant.

Could you get pregnant throuh your butt hoe?

No, but you can get a STD or infection.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when your spotting?

You could still get pregnant

What does it mean when you get pinkish brown spotting and does it mean you could be pregnant?

Yes it means you could be pregnant if sexually active or you have a water infection.

Do condoms work all the time?

Absolutely not. They may stop a girl from getting pregnant but there is a chance that it could leak or have a hole in it. It also does not prevent from STD's

Why do you keep getting dizzy?

Could be ear infection

Frequent peeing and an empty stomach pain like feeling what might this be?

diabetes you could have a UTI (urinary tract infection ) or if your female you could be pregnant galbladder infection or kidney infection

Why pregnant women feels pain or burning when urinating?

Could be a bladder infection, urine infection or urethra infection. See your doctor right away.

I am 39 weeks pregnant and i have irritation and itching in my vagina?

You could have a yeast infection.

My vagina is very itchy I'm pregnant What could this be?

probably a yeast infection.

Why would a cow stop getting pregnant?

There could a number of factors. The cow could've become cystic, become infertile from some sort of infection (especially uterine infection) or from age. She could also be very thin or very fat, disabling her ability to settle successfully.

Could fighting an infection such as the flu cause a late or missed period?

Yes.When you menstruate is determined by ovulation, if you're not healthy your body will delay ovulation in order to prevent your getting pregnant when not healthy enough to cope - thus if ill around ovulation you may see a delay in your next period.

Is a sign of being pregnant peeing a lot?

It could be but it can also be a symptom of other things like diabetes, or a bladder infection, or a urinary tract infection (especially if it also hurts when you go). If you are getting other signs like tiredness and nausea then you may be pregnant, and should try taking a pregnancy test.

Are you pregnant if you experience pregnancy symptoms and then they just go away?

Yes you could be pregnant or may of had a mild viral infection.

Could you get pregnant if you have fungus?

Yes, pregnant women are susceptible to yeast infections caused by hormonal changes. And yes you can still get pregnant while you have an infection.

How do people use antibiotics?

To kill or sometimes prevent an infection that could be harmful to their health.

Can you get pregnant if you stop birth control?

Yes, if you have sex and you're not doing anything to prevent pregnancy, you could get pregnant.

Could diet pills stop you from getting pregnant?


If a woman have an infection in her uterus could she become pregnant?

Nature always finds a way.