If you have already contracted a disease should you receive a vaccine or serum?

If you are talking about flu shots this is the rule of thumb for many doctors here in Canada. If you have diabetes, breathing problems such as asthma, bad allergies, have a heart condition or any other serious disease, or you are very young or elderly, then you should have the flu shot. If you are healthy then you shouldn't get the flu shot. The reason for this is because your immune system should work at fighting many of these "bugs" so it strengthens itself. Some people don't take well to the flu shot and can actually become very ill getting the very flu that you aren't suppose to take. There is great controversy from doctors, etc., over this fact, but the people who get sick from it tell a different story. Please note, that not all people get ill from their flu shot. While the flu season is here it's best to stay away from crowded areas such as movie theaters, etc., but you can't live in a plastic bubble. Make sure you wash your hands often == == * Yes or no. Depends on the disease. See your doctor.