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You will probably be able to get pregnant in the future.

i had a miscarriage back in february of 2004..i had only been pregnant for about two months. i just turned 19 in december. i am hoping to get pregnant again, and my doctor said i should have no problem conceiving again.

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Q: If you have already had a miscarriage at 18 will you still be able to get pregnant in the future?
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Can you still get pregnant you throw away already?

Not sure what you mean by "throw away already" but if you mean you had a miscarriage or abortion you should still be able to get pregnant. Miscarriage is very common, about 30%, and abortion does not make you sterile.

Can you still get pregnant after a miscarriage?


Do you still look pregnant after a miscarriage?

In my experience with my fifth miscarriage I still looked pregnant. I guess other's experiences maybe different.

If I had a miscarriage and my pregnancy symptoms disappeared but now they are back could I still be pregnant?

If you really had a miscarriage, you can't still be pregnant, but you could be pregnant again before you get your next period.

If i am 6 weeks pregnant can i still be pregnant or did i have a miscarriage?

you usually wont have a miscarriage after your first trimester (third month) after that you would just have a still born baby.

Can you have a miscarriage and still be pregnant with another baby?


Can you still be pregnancy after a miscarriage?

You have to see your doctor after and he will see if you are still pregnant. Usually the fetus is dead but has not come out yet which require a D&C. If you mean if you can get pregnant after a miscarriage, yes you can.

Can you have a heavy period with blood clots and still have pregnancy symptoms could i still be pregnant or did i have a miscarriage?

You could have had a miscarriage, but even though you've suffered heavy bleeding with clots you could still be pregnant. It IS possible to be pregnant and still get your monthly period.Either way, if you haven't done already, you MUST get yourself checked by a doctor - 1) to find out if you are still pregnant, and 2) to check you are OK internally. If you have suffered a miscarriage you have to get checked out by a doctor in case everything hasn't come out yet. Sorry to be so graphic.Good luck

Are you still pregnant if you were told you had a miscarriage but you are still showing?

It depends how long ago your miscarriage was. As you don't start showing until 14-15 weeks it is possible you had a miscarriage, one of twins and you are still pregnant with the other. Take a pregnancy test if it was more than 4 weeks ago.

If a women has miscarriage can she still be pregnant?

Having a miscarriage means that you lost a fetus. Since a women can have a miscarriage and become pregnant again, which many have done the literal answer would be yes. I don't know if the term miscarriage is medically correct if you lost one fetus in a multiple birth pregnancy, but that would also be another way you could still be pregnant

If your rabbit has had a miscarriage can she still be pregnant?

No, but she can be remated straight away though.

Took a pregnancy test it was negative Is it still possible that you were pregnant and had a miscarriage?


Can you still get pregnant if you are still bleeding from a miscarriage?

i guess so since you still have high levels of hormones

You had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago dr said hcg levels dropped but still feel pregnant?

i think i had a miscarriage, but i never knew i was pregnant. how do i find out for sure

Can you still show pregnant on a test if you have a miscarriage?

Yes it will show positive until the hormones have settled. After a miscarriage it takes time until they change from being set on pregnant.

Ive just had a miscarriage and have been put on doxycycline in cause of on infection can you still full pregnant?

Is doxycycline given to you when you have a miscarriage

Could you still be pregnant after a miscarriage?

Yes. It is possible, but if you've had a miscarriage before, you're more likely to have one again.

If had a miscarriage 7 weeks ago at 7 weeks pregnant but you still feel the same am bloated constantly could you still be pregnant?

If the doctor examined you after the miscarriage you are not pregnant anymore. He would've caught it. It takes several weeks for the hormones to settle so that might be it or you are pregnant again.

Is it possible to still be pregnant after a miscarriage?

My wife had a miscarriage at 13 weeks on Friday and went for an ultrasound Tuesday and turns out there was twins and 1 was still alive So yes

If you had a dc 6 weeks ago and just recently had your first period 2 weeks ago How soon after that can you get pregnant and will symptoms start showing sooner or is it still from a miscarriage?

You can get pregnant NOW, it is not still from the miscarriage. If you feel like it, go for it.

If a women is bleeding and you have taken a pregnancy test is it possible she is still pregnant?

She may have had a miscarriage

Why do i still feel pregnant after a miscarriage?

It takes a few weeks until the hormones have settled.

How do you tell the difference between a miscarriage and a threatened miscarriage?

A miscarriage means you have definitely lost the baby, there is usually lots of cramping and clots. A threatened miscarriage means just that, you are still pregnant but may miscarry in the future. Any spotting while pregnant can be called a threatened miscarriage and many women go on to have healthy babies. If you still have signs of pregnancy like swollen and sore breasts it is probably just a threatened miscarriage. Most doctors will order an ultrasound scan to tell for sure. I should think that a blood test (Quantitative HCG) would be more reliable than ultrasound. Levels are decreased in the case of miscarriage, threatened &/incomplete abortion, & if the fetus is dead.

You had a miscarriage oct 10th and a d and c the same day is it possible that you still might be pregnant?

The chance to still be pregnant after a D&C is very slim but you can however be pregnant again.

Had a miscarriage still haven't got a period?

If you have had a miscarriage, then you have not only had a period in the past, you have also been pregnant. Any girl who has had a miscarriage, or suspects she has had a miscarriage, should see her gynecologist or primary care doctor so they can inspect to make sure what happened and to prevent any future problems. Incomplete miscarriages can be dangerous situations. If you have never experienced a period, though not the norm, I have encountered girls who have gotten pregnant on their first period. So they don't experience the bleeding.