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it might not affect you current policy but after renewal the points you received in that accident with Hurt you.

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Q: If you have an accident while driving someone else's car does it effect your own insurance?
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How does a car accident effect your insurance?

that is my question

What happens if other driver was at fault but l have license suspended and no insurance?

You will be punished for the violations that you have for driving with a suspended license and for driving without insurance. These punishments will be severe but vary from state to state. The violations on your part will not effect the fault of the accident and if the other party is truly at fault then their insurance company will pay for your damages incurred in the accident.

If both parties flee the scene of the accident including the party not at fault how will this effect the insurance claim?

if u both left and someone is filing insurance claim, BOTH parties will get charged with Leaving the scene of an accident and may not be able to file insurance claim

What do you do if your insurance lapses during an accident?

Your insurance is either valid on the day of your accident or it isn't. If you are asking what happens if the policy was valid on the day of the accident but lapses before the claim is settled then the coverage that was in effect the day of the accident still applies. If your policy was not in effect the day of the accident then coverage will not apply.

If you are at fault in an accident while driving your friend's car whose insurance will cover it?

In most states, insurance follows the car. The policy in effect for the car is usually primary regardless of who was driving. If there are limits issues or coverage issues, then the policy held by the driver may apply as secondary coverage.

How does drinking and driving effect in your personal life?

It could have a very serious effect if you have an accident while intoxicated.

If involved in accident but not my fault will it effect my no claims bonus and insurance premium?


What effect do speeding tickets have on auto insurance rates?

Speeding tickets have negative effects on auto insurance rates. If your insurance company learns that you frequently get speeding tickets, they will label you as someone more likely to be in an accident. This again means that they may charge you more for the insurance, and give out less in case of an accident. Or they may plainly not want to insure you.

Do car insureance claims effect bike insurance?

Your driving record is still your driving record regardless of what you were driving when you got the ticket.

Will points on your driving record effect your auto insurance?

Most likely the answer is Yes they will.

Does a claim for an accident affect your rating when through a credit card?

No..but it will effect your current and future Insurance rates.

What can happen in case of an accident if a car was insured without title?

title has no effect. insurance takes precedent.