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Yes, it's safe, but be sure to tell the dentist anyway. They will want to know, especially if you are on medications.

Yes it is ok to fill your cavity. Unless your have an acute infection and your doctor told you to stay in bed, then you can postpone your appointment. But if you can function there is no problem in treating your cavity.

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Q: If you have an ear and sinus infection is it okay to have a cavity filled?
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Should I travel with a sinus infection?

No. Traveling with a sinus infection is very dangerous. Many people with a sinus infection can become dizzy, and then they can't concentrate on the road very well.But if you aren't the one driving, it would probably be okay. You still wouldn't have much fun if you were traveling for a vacation or any place fun.

When you swallow and your throat hurts what does this mean?

It probably hurts when you swallow b cuz you have a sore throat or sinus infection. A sinus infection is germs or bacteria in ur throat. Dont drink any thing that is cold just gargle salt in water n u will b okay.

Can you drink alcohol after getting a cavity filled?

If you had novocaine, you might want to wait until it wears off. Since it is not hot, it should be okay.

Is it okay to remove a sinus?

sinuses are caves in the skull that can not be removed.

What happens if your loose baby tooth has a cavity?

it's okay because once you lose it,the new tooth won't have a cavity

Is it okay to go swimming after a child has his tooth filled?

Yes, no reason not to.

Is it okay if you pee inside the anal- what is the effect?

No it is not correct, it can cause a infection.

Is it okay to get chocolate in your vagina?

Why would you do that? It's disgusting and could get you an infection.

Is it okay to go swimming with an ear infection?

no you should not go swimming with a ear infection because water will get up in your ear and it will throb!!!!

Are over the counter yeast infection medications okay to take after pregnancy?

Yes they are.

Okay, sometimes it t?

Okay, sometimes it takes time for the cells and the inflammation to subside after an infection, and this is the inflammation that causes the irritation and other symptoms you have. On the other hand, there is a condition called interstitial cystitis, which causes these same symptoms, but is not an infection

Okay, this may be a ?

Okay, this may be a sign of an infection like meningitis or a systemic infection, which may be viral or bacterial in origin. I recommend that you have this examined right away, ether in an urgent care center or an ER. It may require antibiotics

Is the baby okay if you conceived while having a yeast infection?

Yes it is. Yeast infection usually clears up after about 2 weeks by itself.

I got my belly button pierced about 3 months ago and was okay now it has a grey circle around the top ball where it is filled with puss how do i get rid of the puss?

Sea salt soaks should help knock out an infection, but it is important that you have it checked out by a professional.

Is it okay for a ten year old to take antibiotics?

Yes, when I was 9 years old, I had an infection in my throat, and I had to take antibiotics, ( recommended by the docter ), and it was okay.

When can you resume exercise after an infection?

Whenever you start to feel better, or your doctor says its okay to start up again. It would really depend on the infection.

Are smarties okay to inhale?

No. If you get chocolate/suger into your lungs this can cause infection and could kill you.

Is it okay to smoke with a dental infection?

NO! Smoking not only compounds dental problems, it increases your likelihood of further dental deterioration. It is never ok to smoke, dental infection or not.

What will happen if you take something you are a aliergic to?

I'm assuming you're talking about a piercing... Generally, if there is irritation once the irritant is removed you should be okay. If there is also an infection, the infection should be treated, and as there is no longer an irritant there the infection should go away (provided this is what caused the infection, and provided the infection is being treated correctly).

Is it okay to go swimming after getting your ears pierced?

Wait until they're healed. Pools,lakes, etc are filled with bacteria and that can really mess up new piercings. You could just chill in the water and not submerge your ears. Not as fun but you really dont want to get an infection either.

How do you treat headaches in kids?

Children's Tylenol or children's Advil will treat an occasional headache, it they are okay with those medications. If they are getting regular headaches, they need to be seen by a doctor to find the cause. Headaches can be caused by sinus infections, a bad tooth, anxiety, high blood pressure, or any number of other things. Frequent headaches are often a symptom of something else going on. If it is something simple, like a sinus infection, it can be easily treated so that the headaches stop.

What will happen if you take 3 ibuprofen cold and sinus?

to be honest, you'll live! but even if you feel okay i'd tell someone like your GP, just to be sure

What do you do if you have a pin worm infection?

now this is a very simple question okay now here what u do if u have a pin worm infection GO TO THE DOCTOR

Is heavy yellow vaginal discharge during pregnancy okay?

That sounds like an infection. Go and see your doctor

Dentist made a hole in your tooth from side to see cavity is that fine?

No that is not okay, its like saying let me drill through your foundation to see if there is a leak!

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