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If you have an electrical Hydraulic unit driven by electrical motor of MAX 40 GPM what can you doadd to increase the flow rate of the electrical pump without changing it?

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2008-08-31 06:50:33

You can increase the flow rate of a positive displacement pump

(like a gear pump) by increasing the input RPM. If it is a D.C.

motor, increasing the voltage would make it run faster. An A.C.

motor is a little trickier. Certain A.C. motors can be sped up by

using a Variable Frequency Drive, others would require a set of

pulleys and a belt between the pump and motor which could be

replaced with varying sizes to alter the RPM.

Keep in mind that the load on the motor is a calculation of the

flow rate and the pressure so if you increase the flow without

decreasing the pressure the motor will have to do more work,

causing more heat and wear. The motor may be damaged or destroyed

by the extra load, especially if it's already working at it's

design limit. Also, if you are trying to increase the flow any

significant amount, the size of the pipe or hose connections on the

pump may be a limiting factor. Trying to force too much flow

through a pipe that is too small just won't work. Once the flow has

reached the 'critical velocity' (which depends on the pipe size and

the fluid being pumped), trying to increase the flow just makes

more noise and generates heat, but the flow doesn't increase.

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