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No, its meant for focus during training.

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Q: If you have an instructional permit and your parent is in the passanger seat can your friends be in the back seat?
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What is a instructional permit?

Driving with a parent that has a drivers license

Can you drive a car with a trailer on a instructional permit as long as you have a parent in the car with you?

No, the provisional license is good for the instructional vehicle ONLY.

Can you drive a car with a trailer on a learners permit as long as you have a parent with you?

No, the learners permit is good only for the operation of the instructional vehicle.

In Utah when you have a learners permit can you drive with a friends in the back as long as your parent is in the car with you?


Can a person with an instructional permit be a designated driver?

by law, a person who has a instructional permit can not drive without a parent or someone over the age of 21 with a license in the passengers seat.Additional: If your accompanying license holder should happen to be intoxicated you cannot operate the motor vehicle or be a "disignated driver."

Do you have to have a parent with you to get a work permit?

No, your parent does not need to be present for you to get a work permit in the United States. They do have to sign the paperwork.

Sample of a parental consent permit letter?

parent concent permit for job

Do you have to have a parent with you to take your permit test?

No, you do not.

How old do you have to be to drive in Idaho?

You can take Driver's Ed at 14 and a half (no sooner). You then go on an instructional permit (accompanied by a parent/guardian) for 6 months. Then you can get your driver license, but it has restrictions until you are 16. Don't you wish you lived in Idaho?

Can the passanger in a vehicle along with the driver get a dwi?

If they're a licensed driver supervising a learner's permit driver, yes.

Do you need insurance to get a learners permit?

No, the teeager is covered by the parent or whoever sign for them to get the permit.

What is the legal driving age in North Dakota?

you have to be at least 14 to get an instructional permit. after you have had your permit for at least 6 months and have passed a drivers ed course, you can get a license

Legal age to have a job in Georgia?

14 with a permit from a parent/guardian, 16 without a permit

Do you need a parent with you when you get your permit?

Need lots more information. A permit for what? in which country/state? How old are you?

Can you drive to school with an instructional permit with a 18 year old passenger in Arkansas?

Yes but it has to be your brother or sister

Can you drive with an Instructional Permit in Georgia with more than one passenger in the car and with a child in the car?


Can you drive other kids with a learner's permit in California?

My CA learner's permit specifically states that I must have someone older than 26 in the passanger's seat next to me. Check your permit, it should tell you. Otherwise, call the local DMV and ask them.

With a learner's permit who can you drive with?

parent or legal guardian

Do you need a parent in a car while driving with a permit?

No you do not

Can a parent sign for your driving permit if they dont have custody?


If you have an instructional permit can you drive in your neighborhood by yourself?

No, it is illegal, you need to drive with an license driver over the age of 25.

If 18 and have a Maryland Learners Permit can you drive by your self?

No. Someone 21 years of age or older with a valid drivers license needs to be in the passanger seat at all times while you have a Maryland Learner's Permit.

Can you get your learner's permit without your parent being there if you have the parent consent form signed in Florida?

no you cant sarry

Is it legal for a learners permit driver to drive with a drunk passanger?

No. The supervising driver must be in a condition where they themselves could legally operate the vehicle.

Who can a 15 year old with a permit drive with?

with a parent or guardian

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