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Check your policy. it will state it there. It differs from Co to Co.

It depends on the policy you have and the dealer you get it from. If your current insurance covers everything you drive, its covered. But if not, than the dealer may offer a 48 hour binder to cover you till you can get to your insurance company.

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Is there a grace period before needing insurance after purchasing a used motorcycle?

If you are insured with another vehicle, you probably have a clause covering newly purchased vehicles. Otherwise - no.

Can somebody be added to a car insurance policy after the policyholder dies in Louisiana?

After the named insured dies the vehicle would need to be insured under a new policy in the name of the person who inherited the vehicle. For the short period of time that the vehicle and other property are being probated, the legally appointed administrator or executor would have the ability to add and delete drivers. The death of the insured would need to be reported to the insurance company immediately by the executor and the name on the policy would be changed to Estate of " " with the executor listed as additional insured if approved by the insurance company.

Is there a way to suspend coverage on a vehicle that will not be used for a period of time but still keep it insured and reactivate the coverage when you want to drive it?

This is a contradiction: To "keep it insured" is to keep the coverage, not to suspend it. I think you are talking about a storage waiver, which is something a lienholder would be able to discuss with you. If you have a loan on the vehicle, the lender obviously requires you to keep the vehicle insured. If you STORE the vehicle, however, the lender can or may issue a 'storage waiver', allowing you to discontinue coverage for the time the vehicle is in storage. They set the terms and you must talk to your lender first to determine the requirements of the waiver. If you do NOT have a lien on the vehicle, no outstanding loan, then you only need to carry liability coverages. If you intend not to drive it for a period of time, you can cancel the liability coverage for the time the vehicle is in storage/not being driven. For your own security, however, you should be absolutely certain no one else has access to the vehicle during that 'storage' time.

Is diverticulosis considered a pre-existing condition?

Any disease including diverticulosis if exists before and/or at the time of filling up the proposal form for Medical Insurance will be deemed to be 'Pre-existing'. The pre-existing condition will be excluded from the purview of mediclaim for specific period which may vary from one Insurance company to other.However, if the insured person is unaware of existence of any disease like Gol bladder stone and did not mention in the proposal form, the same will not be treated as 'Pre existing'.

Is it legal to drive an uninsured vehicle in mass with nh plates?

It's not legal to drive an uninsured vehicle, period, and I'm pretty certain every state requires you to maintain insurance in order to keep your tags, so you'd be displaying your New Hampshire number plates illegally if your vehicle was not insured.

Does comprehensive and collision transfer to a new purchased vehicle in Texas?

Yes, If your currently insured vehicle is traded in or upgraded then the newly purchased vehicle is automatically covered for the first 30 days with the exact same coverage as the vehicle you traded in. Within these thirty days you are required to notify your insurer of the vehicle change. Failure to notify the company within the required time period can void or nullify coverage on the newly acquired vehicle. Not that if the Newly purchased vehicle is an additional vehicle purchase, meaning it is not substituting or replacing an already insured vehicle, it may not be covered at all until added to your policy. This will vary by your state insurance laws. you have to notify your insurance company and they will transfer it to you until you can take it in to them to see and fill out forms.

Can a driver with only a learner's permit be insured in Georgia?

Check with your agent, or the dept of insurance for your state, the child will need to be rated on a vehicle in the household if they are going to drive, but may be a free period until they have an actual license.

When a new car is purchased in Georgia does it need to be insured right away if the purchaser has an existing policy that covers their other vehicles or is there a grace period?

I can't say specifically for Georgia, but almost any insurance policy will cover a different/additional car for a "reasonable" amount of time. Call your agent and check, preferrably BEFORE you go car shopping.

Can you legally drive a car after buying it before you get it registered or insured?

It depends on your local law, but generally speaking you get a temporary registration from the dealer. You will probably have to show proof of insurance to get your permanent registration. If you already have insurance, usually your new car will be automatically be covered for some short period of time under your existing policy, provided you notify your insurance company first.

The present condition is older than look back period for travel medical insurance is it pre-existing?

No, provided there has been no treatment or care or symptoms during the look back period. In order for it to be considered a pre-existing medical condition it must fit the specific definition found in the policy and usually that requires care, treatment, or symptoms during the look back period to be considered pre-existing. If it occurs outside that period than it's not a pre-existing condition.

What is waiting period in life insurance?

Waiting period may refer to the period of time from when you apply for coverage until you actually are insured by the policy. In addition, some graded benefit life insurance policies do not have full coverage from the first day you are insured. These graded plans may have full coverage after a two year waiting period.

Do you have to insure a vehicle that is not in use?

To answer your question - no, you do not have to insure a vehicle that is not in use. So long as the vehicle is not being driven, it is not necessary to insure it. However, should the vehicle be stolen during the period in which the vehicle is not insured, then I do believe that is simply considered as a loss, and is not worthy or reimbursement. The other downside is also that if the vehicle remains in your ownership and uninsured for a certain amount of time, you may also be charged an additional fee to re-insure your vehicle again in the future. Bottom line - It is not necessary to insure a vehicle that is not in use, but be wary of any pontential future repurcussions. Hope this helps!

Do you ovulate after the period or before?

before your period

Which type of insurance does not buil a cash value for the insured?

Term life insurance does not build a cash value. It simply covers the insured person for a certain term or period of time.

Do woman get pregnant before there period or after period?


Do you have a twenty-four hour period before a contract on a used vehicle goes into effect?

NO. It goes into effect the day you sign it. There is no such thing as a cooling off period on the purchase of an automobile. That is a myth.

Period signs but no period?

You must have ALL the period signs before a period.

Which period came before the Edwardian?

The Victorian period came before the Edwardian period.

What do you need to do to claim an abandoned vehicle in NH left on your property?

To claim an abandoned vehicle in NH left on one's property, the police has to be notified first. Once police cannot locate the owner, there will be 3 months waiting period before the vehicle can be claimed.

Is a son covered on his father's auto insurance policy when the son causes an accident while driving his friend's vehicle?

The insurance follows the vehicle therefore the person who owns the vehicle is responsible for having insurance on the vehicle and that insurance will cover the loss. I know it seems that the driver should have some responsibility but that is not the way policies are written. The best thing is teach you children never to let someone else drive their vehicle, period. Insurance companies do not like it when their policyholders loan vehicles and they then have unknown drivers driving insured vehicles.

How long do you have to be out of work to collect long term disability insurance?

Long term disability benefits may be a benefit of employment, or provided under an individual policy purchased by the insured. In either event, the terms of the benefit will be defined in the plan or policy. These include the duration of time that the insured must be out of work, due to a disabling injury contemplated by the policy, before being entitled to payments. That period of time is called the "elimination period".

What is the definition of contemporary writing?

existing at the same time or of the present time period.

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conception occurs appr 2 weeks after ur last period not before because if you got pregnant before your period your period would not come on conception occurs appr 2 weeks after ur last period not before because if you got pregnant before your period your period would not come on

How long can a vehicle be parked on a freeway before it is removed?

It's not legal to park on a freeway, period. If a vehicle is broken down or otherwise abandoned on the side of the freeway (and most other roadways, as well), once it is discovered by the police, a sticker will be placed on the windshield, notifying the driver they have a certain period of time (usually 24 or 48 hours) to have that vehicle removed, or else it will be towed and impounded.

Which type of insurance coverage allows the insured to purchase more insurance after a specified period of time?

term insurance