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it is possable to do that but it may cause damage to your air conditoning system to have the pump sitting idol when the rest of the systems are running. but if it already doesn't work whats the harm?

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 21:58:12
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Q: If you have an s10 with air can you bypass the air with using a belt made for without air and it still work?
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Is there anyway to bypass the AC Compressor with a serpentine Belt without using a Pulley bolted to the engine?

if you can reroute the belt to bypass the ac compressor all you need to work out is how much shorter the belt is that you would require

Can you bypass the ac pulley on 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

Only if you can tighten the belt without it.

What is drive belt length for 1991 Cutlas Ciera without bypass pulley and no AC?


How do you bypass the ac compressor on a 1989 Cadillac Fleetwood?

You can bypass the a/c compressor on the 1989 cadillac fleetwood by simply using a smaller accessory belt. I have found that a 77 inch belt works perfectly. There is no need for a bypass pulley and you won't find one for this model anyway.

Can you Bypass compressor 97 caravan with smaller belt?

yes you can bypass ac with either a ac bypass pulley made by dorman or get a longer belt

What size belt do I need to bypass THE air conditioner for my 1998 plmonth neon?

order a belt for one without ac. Idid this on my 98 neon

How do you bypass the ac pulley when putting the surpintien belt on a 96 vr6?

Buy a belt made for a vr6 and when they ask you if you have a/c just say no and they will get you a belt that fits one without a/c

What are ideas on how to bypass the AC compressor with the serpentine belt on a 1996 Blazer S10?

This is just a guess so take it with a grain of salt. I would buy a belt for the s10 without air conditioning and just bypass the air conditioning pump.

What size serpentine belt is needed to bypass ac on 1996 dodge caravan?

You can't bypass with a belt alone. You have to by a bypass pulley kit. The new pulley takes the place of the ac compressor and you use the same size belt.

What belt do you get to bypass the ac compressor on a 2004 Scion xb?

To bypass your ac you can use a Valuecraft brand belt part # 360k4

Will truck still operate without air conditioner attached?

Well, how is the air conditioner "unattached", exactly? If it's on a serpentine belt and you want to bypass the compressor, you have to make sure you have the right length of belt and that it's properly routed. If you simply pulled out the AC relays, the truck should still operate normally.

What serpentine belt to bypass ac on dodge Dakota?

88.50 in belt

What size belt do you need to bypass the ac on 96 grand am 2.4 cannot find bypass pulley available for this car?

you can not run it without having apulley in place of the a/c compressor because of belt routing. the pulley bracket needs to b custom made

What belt size 302 bypass for removal of smog pump plus AC?

what belt size to a 302 bypass for removal of smog pump and AC

What size belt do you use to bypass the ac on a vortec 350?

The size of belt to use to bypass the ac on a vortec s usually 5.7L. You should ensure that you have the correct bracket and belt size.Ê

Can you bypass the ac pulley when changing a serpentine belt in a 1990 Chevrolet 2500 V8?

Yes, buy a belt for a 1990 2500 V8 that came without A/C if they made such a truck.

If AC no longer works is the small AC compressor belt still necessary in a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird?

no u can remove belt if that is all that is driven by that belt. if other pulleys are driven by same belt, u need to use smaller belt and bypass a/c pulley

Can you bypass the air conditioning compressor on a Chevy Malibu?

yes you can!! just get a belt from auto parts place for your car without air...

How can I bypass air conditioning compressor pulley on a 1995 Honda civic with a shorter belt?

remove compressor put a bypass pulley in its place replace belt

How do you reroute serpentine belt to bypass ac compressor on 1995 town car?

If that model was available without a/c, you will need to purchase the belt for a 95 town car w/out ac, and follow the appropriate belt routing diagram for that model.

Can you bypass the air conditioning compressor with a serpentine belt meant for a vehicle without air conditioning on a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera?


Can you bypass ac compressor on Chevy 04 6500?

You can, you just need to get a fan belt without ac, however not sure where u can find these.

Can you bypass the ac on a1994 Chevy truck?

Yes, go to a parts store and ask for a belt for a 1994 Chevy truck without A/C.

1988 delta Oldsmobile 3800 motor can you bypass the ac unit with the belt?

yes just buy the belt for it and tell them it has no air and use the routing diagram under the hood for the one without air

Can you bypass the ac compressor belt on a 96 Mazda protege?

Yes, I just did the other day actually. Surprisingly, the belt that goes around the alertnator/water pump actually fits around just the power steering and engine (without going around the ac compressor). Not sure why people spend money on bypass pulleys when you can just use a shorter belt.