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CRA's in the US, report the credit history of transactions made only in the US. Therefore credit history from Another Country would not show up on a report in the US. This does not prevent a prospective creditor from requiring confirmation of the person's previous credit history.

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The law is derived from three main sources what are they

If there is an erroneous payment then

These funds last 5 years have limited use and cannot pay for new obligations

How do you know which transactions are awaiting your approval

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Q: If you have an unpaid credit card in another country what conditions must apply before they can they report the debt to your US credit report?
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Can someone on a J1 or J2 apply for a credit card if they have collatarol in another country?

For a credit card simply collataroled in another country - boy...

Does US credit follow you if you move to another country?


How do you get a Loan when you have bad credit?

go to another country

Does your debt travel with you from country to country?

No, not in the sense that a person can be legally pursued or have credit denied due to the credit history in another country. However, if the person has had credit problems with a bank that has locations in another country, they can be denied banking privileges at that institution, which may create other problems

If you live in India and cannot pay a credit card to a London bank will it affect your credit in India or if you apply for a visa to another country?

They can't do anything if you are out of the country where you ot the credit cardI got a Canadian credit card and used the money, left the country, came to India and didnt pay anything.....this has happend before 2 years and i applied for US visa and got it.

Is Despicable Me available in itunes in the US for rent?

No it is not, you would have to create another account for another country and have a gift card/credit card for that country.

Can a cosigner be from another country?

If a co signer can qualify with their credit, they can be from another country. They generally have to be present in order to co sign a loan, however.

Can you pay credit card bill in another country?

You could try with PayPal

Is this possible to open a Letter of credit opened in one country and import doing in another country by using the same letter of credit?

the letter of credit is opened only for one business with a certain amount

Can opening and closing credit cards hurt your credit rating?

NO! Not if you have paid the credit off before you get another one. Or if you are paying one credit card off with another, you can only do that so much befor it will hurt your cerdit.

If a person moves to the States from another country will bad credit show up in the other country?

No. Credit reports do not transfer across international lines. This includes Canada to US as well.

Where can I get information about foreign credit?

A foreign tax credit is a credit for anyone who has worked in another country. Foreign trade credit is an insurance against currency changes for businesses that sell products to foreign countries.

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