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CRA's in the US, report the credit history of transactions made only in the US. Therefore credit history from Another Country would not show up on a report in the US. This does not prevent a prospective creditor from requiring confirmation of the person's previous credit history.

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Can someone on a J1 or J2 apply for a credit card if they have collatarol in another country?

For a credit card simply collataroled in another country - boy...

Does your debt travel with you from country to country?

No, not in the sense that a person can be legally pursued or have credit denied due to the credit history in another country. However, if the person has had credit problems with a bank that has locations in another country, they can be denied banking privileges at that institution, which may create other problems

If you live in India and cannot pay a credit card to a London bank will it affect your credit in India or if you apply for a visa to another country?

They can't do anything if you are out of the country where you ot the credit cardI got a Canadian credit card and used the money, left the country, came to India and didnt pay anything.....this has happend before 2 years and i applied for US visa and got it.

Can a cosigner be from another country?

If a co signer can qualify with their credit, they can be from another country. They generally have to be present in order to co sign a loan, however.

Is Despicable Me available in itunes in the US for rent?

No it is not, you would have to create another account for another country and have a gift card/credit card for that country.

Can opening and closing credit cards hurt your credit rating?

NO! Not if you have paid the credit off before you get another one. Or if you are paying one credit card off with another, you can only do that so much befor it will hurt your cerdit.

Does your credit history in a different country transfer?

No, it does not, and this can be a benefit as well as a big problem. If you have outstanding debts, they will not report to American credit bureaus. However, this can also pose a problem if you are trying to buy a home in another country and you have no credit in that country. Also keep in mind: if this or a similar situation DOES occur, and you need credit, an option is to have an international credit report pulled by your lender (based on the country you are from). It may be your only option, so if you don't keep your credit in good standing in your home country, it may very well come back to haunt you! More input from FAQ Farmers: * When I first came to the US (as an adult) I had no credit history at all. American Express was very glad to issue me a local credit card with the same conditions as my foreign-issued American Express credit card. This was great since I began building a history right away.

If a person moves to the States from another country will bad credit show up in the other country?

No. Credit reports do not transfer across international lines. This includes Canada to US as well.

Where can I get information about foreign credit?

A foreign tax credit is a credit for anyone who has worked in another country. Foreign trade credit is an insurance against currency changes for businesses that sell products to foreign countries.

Why does a person keep transfer credit card balance to another before it catches up with him?

To transfer from a high interest credit card to a lower interest credit card

Can you get a refund from Southwest Airlines when using want to get away flights?

No, but if you cancel before you can credit the value of the flight to another flight at another time.

How does a country get a carbon credit?

It produces less than its greenhouse gas target.

What is another name for a credit note?

A credit note is another name for and adjustment note

Is bad credit wiped away if you move to another country?

If you leave the country your credit will not be wiped clean. The "black" marks will remain on your credit bureau for 7 years after the date of your last payment to the debt(acknoledgement of the debt) Different countries have their own credit bureau's ie. Canada, US. However it is possible for a creditor to transfer the bad debt onto the credit bureau of the country you reside. Running away will not fix your credit problems. The best option is to deal with your individual creditors and make arrangements.

What is meant by Credit Policy?

Credit Policy refers to the written guidelines and protocols that related to credit. This will include the specific terms and conditions for any credit transactions.

How does the Federal Deficit Financing influence monetary and credit conditions?

1. Federal Government deficit financing may have a very great influence on monetary and credit conditions.

Can you pay your credit card bill by another credit card?

Yes you can pay your credit card bill by another credit card. It is called balance transfers, you can transfer the balance of another credit card that has a high interest to a credit card that has a low interest. Hopefully this answers your question.

Do you have to get credit counseling before you can file for bankruptcy?

You do not have to necessarily get credit counseling before you can file for bankruptcy.

When was Russell Country Federal Credit Union created?

Russell Country Federal Credit Union was created in 1936.

Which country claimed credit for the submarine?

Britain normally claims the credit.

Is it criminal to move to another country if you have credit card dept?

No. However it is dishonest if you intend not to pay your debts and its hard to get away fro credit card debt without getting busted no matter where you go.

Can you convert your credit card to another currency?

Your credit card is linked to the currency of the country where your account is held. However - if you make purchases overseas, the currency will be converted at the prevailing exchange rate when the transaction is processed.

What is a credit on credit card?

A credit on a credit card is the amount of money you are allowed to spend before you have to pay it back

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