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You must beat the elite four two times to get through.

AnswerOne that was here is a lie. If nothing works, and you are using an emulator(no matter which, just with GaneShark) you can use this code to pass walls. Do not use on Non-Existing patterns, because game will crash. You can travel on almost anything with that cheat. E03B0649 5D67050C 78DA95DF 44018CB4

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the real answer is...If you have Pokemon leaf green or fire red than you have to go and get your new pokedex from professor oak first and the man will move out of the way.
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Q: If you have beaten the Elite 4 and the Champion but the guard at the unknown dungeon is still there how do you get in?
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How do you get mew on pokemon tower defense?

edit: in the unknown dungeon after you beat the elite four and champion it is the last level

How do you unlock the unknown dungeon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

beat the elite 4

What do you have to do to be able to enter Mt. Silver in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You must have beaten the Elite Four and Champion.

What happens next after you have beaten the elite four on Pokemon diamond?

You go on to battle the champion Cynthia.

Where is the unknown dugeon in FireRed?

The Unknown Dungeon is located roughly in the same area as it did in the original Red and Blue. It is located on the other side of the river northeast of Cerulean City. To gain access, you must have beaten the Elite Four and your Rival, and watched the credit rolled.

Why your Game Wont Open After Beating The Elite Four?

The game does open after beating the Elite Four. You simply select Continue, and you will be back at your house after you have beaten the Elite Four and Champion. :3

Where will go after beat the elite four?

You go to this one room where you face your enemy who also has beaten the elite four then you face him and if you win you become Pokemon champion

Where do you go after you beaten the elite four in Pokemon emerald?

once you've beaten the champion, you can go to meteorite falls and beat steven (champion in sapphire and ruby). Apart from that you can go to the battle tower,and catch rayaquaza and the three regis

Where is eeve on Pokemon Diamond?

You can get it from Bebe (the house next to the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City) after you have beaten the Elite Four and Champion.

How do you open the cave of cerulean in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to have helped celio on one island and beaten the elite four and champion gary...

Do you have to catch all the pokemon to catch mewtwo?

No, you do not have to catch all the Pokemon to encounter Mewtwo. Mewtwo can be found in Unknown Dungeon/Cerulean Cave in the first Generation games at the deepest part of the cave after beating the Elite Four and the Champion of Kanto.

Do you have to beat the elite four before you can export Pokemon?

Unfortunatly, yes you do. I haven't beaten the Champion yet and on Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, you can't migrate until you beat the Elite Four. Which I think is weird because you've already beaten the game.

How do you get mew two on Pokemon Yellow?

To get Mewtwo in Pokemon yellow, first you have to have beaten the elite four. After that go to Cerulean city. Go north up the bridge, left, and surf down to the Unknown Dungeon (Cerulean cave). You will find mewtwo at the bottom floor of the cave.

Who is the Pokemon elite four champion in soul silver?

The Elite Four Champion in Pokémon SoulSilver Version is Champion Lance.

How do you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon X and Y?

You can catch Mewtwo at the Unknown Dungeon after beating the Elite Four and entering the Hall of Fame.

Is there another place to go after beating the elite four in Pokemon yellow?

The only area that becomes accessible after defeating the Elite 4 is the Unknown Dungeon (Cerulean Cave), where Mewtwo can be found.

Where is the best place to train on pearl once you've beaten the game?

The best place for more experience is to repeatedly challenge the Elite 4 + champion.

What happens when you best the elite four on Pokemon red?

Once you beat the Elite Four, and your rival, you become the Pokemon champion. You've pretty much beat the game. There's nothing more for you to do, other than explore the Unknown Dungeon in Cerulean City, and catch Mewtwo, and finish filling your Pokedex. He is lvl 70, so be prepared.

What to do after Pokemon league on red version?

After you defeat the elite 4 as well as the champion Gary the only new area that opens up is the mystery dungeon in Cerulean city. In this dungeon, you can find rare and high level pokemon.

Who is the champion in Pokemon white Alder or N?

When you first beat the Elite Four, you will find that N has beaten the champion Alder, but after beating N in his castle, he will fly away on Reshiram and Alder will return to being the champion. But I personally (others agree) think that N is the champion. After all, he did beat Alder. But if you want fact and not opinion, Alder is the champion.

Where do you battle steven in Pokemon white?

In the Champion Elder's room. You need to have battled the Elite four in Unova at least once and to have beaten Cynthia. Cynthia is in Undella town.

Who are the elite 4 in HeartGold?

The Elite Four is actually comprised of five people. There are the first actual Elite Four, and then their champion. They are Will, Koga, Bruno, Karen, and Champion Lance.

How do you get to johto or Kanto in any pokemon game?

this is only possible in pokemon gold/silver/crystal/heart-gold/soul-silver, after you've beaten the elite four and the champion.

How do you open the sky pillar door in emerald?

As long as you've beaten the Elite 4 and the Champion, then the Sky Pillar should be open. Sky Pillar is located on Route 131.

How do you win with champion Pokemon league?

By beating the elite for then Beating the champion.