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If you have been contacted for the remaining balance and set up a payment plan what are your options if you are unable to commit to the plan?


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2015-07-16 19:25:10
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Your options are to be sued for judgement, or file Bankruptcy or PAY. Fairly simple plan.


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What is balance of payment deficit

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Yes. Most lenders give customers 10 to 15 days grace to make a payment or for a payment made to post. However, by the language of most car notes, anything past a certain period of time (usually two weeks) is considered delinquent, and the balance of the loan is owed. The lender at this point is not required to accept anything less than payment of the remaining balance. And, the vehicle can be repossessed at any time to secure payment of the remaining balance.

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if collection agency is not from your lender, but third party, then you need to fax them proof of your payments to your lender or financial insitution and have them send you a letter stating that they will not report you to credit bureau. and also have them contact the collection agency you are making payments. asian623

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Voluntary RepossessionOnce this vehicle has been auctioned off, the remaining balance that is left on this loan will be your responsibility to pay off. You can contact this collection agency once you receive a new statement of this balance. Usually the two options that you have is either make monthly payments or you can negotiate a settlement. Your best bet is to save anywhere from 30-50% of the remaining balance, and settle. Get everything in writing before making a final payment.

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