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All three agencies charge you for receiving your credit score, but they're not supposed to do it unless it's requested by the consumer, any more than a comapny should send you an item you never ordered. I'd call the agency in questions and explain that you did not order your credit score and request the charge to be refunded.

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Q: If you have been denied credit and therefore can receive a free credit report is it lawful for them to charge you for a credit score even if you do not want it?
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Will your last name show misspelled in your credit reports if you misspelled your last name in a credit card application but the application was denied?

If your credit card application was denied, you do not have a credit card. You are not in the credit company's system. Therefore, you will not receive a report.

How does one receive bad credit for a bank loan?

One generally doesn't receive bad credit for getting a bank loan. A bank loan can be denied though, if one has bad credit. Bad credit can occur if one does not pay credit card bills on time.

How do I check my credit score?

You can get all 3 of your credit score each year at Also if you applied recently for a home loan and were denied you can receive your credit report free through them.

How often are you entitled to a free credit report?

You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report once a year. But you may also receive your credit report for free if you were denied credit or employment within the last 2 months.

Why was I denied when applying for a credit card?

You may have insufficient credit. Not everyone is denied due to poor credit. You should receive a letter of rejection from the card you applied to stating why you were rejected. If you have not received this, it is within your rights to call the company and ask them to either send the letter or state why you were rejected. Once you know the reason you should review your credit report for errors. You can opt to apply to a department store credit card to help build credit. If you are denied that, you may choose a secured (down payment) credit card to help build or repair credit.

If denied credit before eighteen does it affect your credit after you turn of age?

No. You were denied credit because 18-year olds cannot legally enter into a contract.

How soon after you are denied credit must you receive notice both verbally and by letter?

If you are denied credit, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act requires that the creditor give you a notice that tells you the specific reason your application was rejected or the fact that you have the right to learn the reason if you ask within 60 days. If your credit application was due to information obtained from your credit report, the Fair Cedit Reporting Act requires the creditor to give you the name, address and phone number of the credit reporting agency that supplied the information. The credit reporting agency can tell you what is in your report but only the creditor can tell you why your applicaton was denied.

How can one get free credit reports?

One can receive a free credit report under certain circumstances such as a denied application for credit or if one is unemployed or on welfare. These credit reports are offered through three major reporting agencies which are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Does being denied for credit lower your credit score?

Yes. It is reported on your credit report.

Are denied credit card applications shown in credit reports?


Does getting denied for a loan affect your credit?

You were probably denied your loan application BECAUSE of your credit rating. It should be possible to find out what your credit report says about you - see the link below.

When are the consumers entitled to a free credit report from a credit bureau?

When you have been denied credit or annually.

If you deny someone to be your friend on MySpace do they know that you denied them?

In a way, they don't receive a message saying you denied them. They just don't receive that you accepted them.

Does being denied a car loan lower your credit score?

yes, when you apply for an auto loan and get denied, it will hurt your credit. first, just applying for credit is a hard hit by 2 to 5 point lost.

Can you be denied unemployment benefits if you have bad credit?

In the UK, no.

3 reasons for denied credit Illegally?

because ..

Where to See credit history after denied credit?

Credits history can actually be taken from credit reports which is sold by several CRA's.

Can you be denied a green card if your credit rating is bad?

You will not be denied a green card based on your credit score, but can be denied if it is known to USCIS that you can be a public charge. By "denied a green card", I assume that you're in the process of an Adjustment of Status. I have never heard of USCIS pulling up a credit report and I highly doubt that they do (I've done enough I-485 cases). Yet if you've received or are receiving any type of public assistance, kiss your application out the window. Technically (though not followed up on), the person/people who filed your Affidavit of Support is/are responsible for you for 40 work quarters (10 years). So if you owe money to collection agencies or things to that nature, you and your sponsor are responsible. Ifyou had to go to small claims or civil court, Immigration can say that this can be signs that you will be a public charge and your case gets denied.

Can yoube denied an apartment with a pending charge?


If your cosigner's credit is good but yours is not so good will you be denied an apartment?

The company extending the credit is the judge of that. they have guidelines to determine who that extend credit to.

Does your credit score go down if you are denied a loan?

yes your credit score goes down everytime you apply

If you get denied for a loan will that show up on your credit report?

Yes and too many bring down your credit score.

If your request for credit is denied by a credit card issuer such as American Express does it negatively impact your credit score?

It depends on how many open credit accounts you have. But will only have minimal impact on credit score.

Why was you denied credit for not knowing your husband's ex-wife's address and birthday?

There is little likelihood that one was denied credit specifically for not knowing the address and birthdate of one's husband's ex-wife because alimony payments do not have to be disclosed when applying for credit and are usually only considered on the income side, not the expenses side (i.e., benefits the alimony payment receiver, does not negatively impact the alimony payment payer when either apply for credit). The above said, the bank may have wanted to conduct due diligence and contact the ex-wife in order to determine what, if any, alimony payments were being paid to her. When denied credit, you are required to receive a letter which identifies specifically why credit was not granted, and that letter must be sent within thirty (30) days of the denial decision. With that letter, you may see the specific reason(s) why credit was denied and you are entitled to get a copy of the credit report(s) that was (were) used to influence that decision.

What does it mean to have a loan withdrawn?

Denied a loan; or depending upon the wording, borrowing on a loan...such as revolving credit...a credit advance.