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I suggest to start with Scratch, which is a nice introduction to programming.

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Should you get enrolled in Debt settlement program to be debt free?

Debt settlement helps you in reducing your credit card debt & other unsecured debts. provides credit card debt settlement,tailor made plans for debt negotiation and giving you relief from your debts & taking the financial burden off your shoulder.

Can you still get credit cards if you are in a debt counseling program?

== == You can probably still get credit cards if you are enrolled in a debt management program. However, doing so can jeopardize the benefits that you already have with your existing creditors. Your interest rates and minimum payments could go up substantially if they drop you from the program. If you are enrolled in a debt management program, you have agreed not to open new credit card accounts until you complete the program. Remember, this is what got you in trouble in the first place, so it is best to be careful when applying for new credit when you have had problems in the past.

How does a credit card debt settlement affect your credit?

Answer:Debt settlement will have a larger effect on your credit. When a debt is settled for less than its full value, the creditor will note that on your credit report. The damage is much less than you'd experience with bankruptcy or default, and in most cases your credit will improve within a couple of years.I took help of Freedom Debt Relief to settle my credit card debts, its been more than a year that I enrolled into their program and now I am almost debt free.

How long does it take to get a masters degree in social work?

Typically, a masters in social work (MSW), can take three to four years depending on whether the student is part-time or full-time, the credit load enrolled for each semester, and whether the student is taking the program as prescribed by the college or university.

Will a credit counseler help you get a debt settlement on your credit card?

A credit counselor may be able to help you get a debt settlement on your credit card. It will depend on if the counselor only gives you ways to get out of debt or if they are a settlement counselor.

Can I get an out-of-court settlement on my credit card?

It is possible to get an out-of-court settlement for a credit card. Credit card companies and collection agencies offer a variety of payment and settlement options for the debtor.

How can one get a credit card settlement?

For one to get a credit card settlement, you would need to be far enough late in your payments for your credit card to consider settlement. If you are late, you would call and make an offer.

Bankruptcy or Debt Settlement?

A bankruptcy will be listed and hold your credit score down for 10 years, while the delinquent payments incurred while enrolled a Debt Settlement program will be there for only 7 years (and in some instance, even less). So at a minimum, your credit report will be cleared at least three years earlier when using Debt Settlement company as opposed to bankruptcy. Another important factor to remember is that a typical debt settlement program ultimately resolves your debts for much less than other debt relief options. And, unlike bankruptcy, you won't have to sell your house or other assets in order to free yourself of your liabilities. Also remember that there are several other debt help options out there besides Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy, such as Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation Loans, and that each has their own upsides and downsides, so it is important to evaluate each carefully and examine how they fit into your overall needs and goals.

Is settlement good or bad on credit report?

Debt settlement is good for your credit rating. Just settle the debt and move on. Do not use a debt settlement company, ever.

Is the word settlement as bad as bankruptcy in your credit record?

The word settlement is considered negative on your credit report. With a settlement, you are settling for less then the total amount due. Like bankruptcy, settlements will remain on your credit report for several years.

Is hope credit a site that helps you to get to a credit score you hope for?

The Hope Credit is a tax credit for students enrolled in universities or higher education in a disaster area. It will not affect your credit score.

How many college credits do you need to stay on your parents insurance?

Generally, you need to be enrolled in at least one, three credit hour course. But it can vary depending on you parents health insurance provider. Additionally, you will be removed from your parents insurance at the age of 25 whether you are enrolled in college classes or not.

What rewards programs are available for Citi Bank credit cards?

Citi Bank credit card holders are automatically enrolled into the Citi Bank rewards and loyalty program. This will give them points towards prizes and event tickets for each use they make of the card.

Can a credit card defaulter get house loan after the credit card debt settlement?


What are the specifics of credit card debt settlement?

You should get a hold of a debt consolidator who will then go to bat for you with your credit card companies. They will work out a settlement that can be agreed upon by both the credit card company and yourself.

How does working with a credit card settlement company affect your credit score?

It is recommended that you pay an old debt through the original creditor. Credit settlement companies are out to make a profit and they will negotiate terms that are not true. Also, it is possible that you can pay the settlement company but still owe the original creditor. It has happened to me. The negative information reported by the credit card settlement company will affect your score negatively.

How many years will it take a register nurse to get a master degree?

It depends on the specialty. Is it a general masters, or one that leads to nurse practitioner etc. Thus, the masters can take anywhere from two to four years depending on whether the individual is enrolled as a part-time or full-time student, the credit load taken per semester, and whether the student is taking the program of study as prescribed by the college or university.

How does one register for Capital One rewards?

To register for Capital One rewards, a person must first obtain a credit card from Capital One that is eligible for their rewards program. After that the person with card is automatically enrolled.

What is it called when you are enrolled at one college or university but going to another college to take classes for credit at the college you are enrolled in?

Taking classes at another school is what most people just call it. Liberal arts colleges call it "an exchange program" (spending a semester at a different college-taking classes, but sill enrolled at your original school) or a college consortium (can take a variety of classes at numerous colleges within the area).

Can you send settlement letters to credit bureaus yourself?


Can you still use credit card after doing the debt counseling?

Once you are enrolled in a debt counseling program, using your credit cards is no longer an option. Credit cards are an easy way to mount up your debt situation. One of the principles in debt counseling is not incurring new debts. You cannot use your credit cards when you are undergoing debt counseling. You will also need to cancel your credit card insurance.

Can a credit card company sue you if you are in a debt settlement program?

Yes, they can. I do know of a law firm that helps delay trials and settle out of court, let me know if you want to know about them.

What is the accounting journal entry to record settlement charges?

Debit settlement chargesCredit cash /bank

Obtaining Your Free Credit Score?

Federal law allows you to obtain your credit reports free of charge once a year, and these contain a free credit score from each of the three major credit ratings agencies. It is also possible to obtain your free credit score on a more frequent basis by signing up for a credit monitoring program. A reliable credit monitoring program will offer a free trial that includes a free credit score at sign-up and two to four weeks of free service. The program detects and notifies you of any changes to your credit history including whether anyone has requested a report.

Can one qualify for a settlement loan if they have bad credit?

Maybe. It all depends on the bank that you go to, usually with bad credit it‰Ûªs tricky to do, but some banks will do it. It also depends on how bad your credit is. If your credit score is bad enough, nobody will give you a settlement loan.

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