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Pension BenefitsThe spouse is entitled to 1/2 the pension up until the time of the divorce. After that it's up to the judge.

More Information: Social Security Benefits

A couple must be married for at least 10 years before a spouse is eligible to receive any portion of the other spouse's Social Security benefits. What percentage, if any, of private pension benefits an ex-spouse might be entitled to would depend upon the laws of the state in which the couple live.

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If you have been married for ten years and are divorcing will i be entitled to spouse's pension and Massachusetts?

Nope, you may get alimony, but you are not entitled to his pension after divorce.

If married 5 years and divorcing are you entitled to spouse pension?

If you're in the US, generally you're entitled to half of the pension that accrued during the marriage.

If you've been married for seven years are you entitled to half of your spouse's pension benefits?

in the philippine setting a married woman is entitled to her husband pension after they got married.

What are survivor benefits?

Benefits that go to the survivors. For example, if you had a pension plan, and you died, your surviving spouse might be entitled to some of your pension payments.

Is your wife entilted to 50 percent of your pension if you are married for 11 years and then get divorced?

She is entitled to 50% of the portion of your Pension of the years you were married. For example, If you had a Pension fund for 7 years, prior to your marriage, then married for 11 years, she is entitled only to 50% of the portion of the Pension you acquired during the 11 years you were married, and not the 7 years of the Pension, prior to your marriage.

Is a divorced spouse entitled to pension benefits?

Only if designated in the decree.

Are you entitled to receive benefits from your spouse's pension if he dies and you are legally separated?

The length of the marriage is what usually determines if a spouse or ex spouse is entitled to any pension benefits either private, SS or RRB.

You have been a relationship with your partner for8 years you have lived together for 7 years if you marry how long do you have to be married to receive his pension plan and sosial security benefits?

The day you marry you are entitled to these benefits.

How many years married before a spouse is entitled to pension in Ohio?

Not enough information is given in order to answer. Entitled to the spouse's pension under what circumstances? Death? Divorce? Sham marriage? Common-law marriage? Not only is more information needed, all pension benefits are going to be different depending on the type of pension it is (e.g.: union pension - private employer pension - government pension - military pension?) You should probably consult with legal counsel over this question as it can get quite complicated depending on the circumstances, just a few of which are enumerated above.

Is a working spouse entitled to the others pension fund at divorce?

Depends on when the other person earned the pension, how long you were married and what state you live in.

Is a ex-wife entitled to pension benefits of her deceased husband if both never remarried?

I am not sure what your talking about but let me try to answer this. If the wife divorced the man before he died then no she would not be entitled to his pension. It does not matter if she remarried or not.

Your ex husband bought back his military time are you entitled to part of his pension?

No you are not entitled to it , as it is his pension.

Your wife and you have been married for 4 years you got married in Holland Michigan My wife is divorcing me. Do you qualify for her work pension and spousal alimony since you are unemploy?


How many years of marriage is your spouse entitled to your pension after divorce?

You must have been married 10 years.

How do you know if you are entitled to a navy pension?

You would know if you retired from the Navy. If you were discharged for a disability, you would be receiving disability pay. If you retired after 20 years, you would get a pension. There are benefits for all veterans, but they don't include a pension.

How do you contact NCR Corporation for pension benefits?

My husband took a payout back in ? when NCR first offered one. We were married for over 20 years but were divorced at the time, I am married again; he is not. was I entitled to any of that money. If so is there any chance of getting it now ?

WHo gets pension if divorced?

That depends on the law in the country or state in which you are divorcing.

How do you find if I am entitled to pension from British leyland?

Blmc pension scheme

Is a spouse in Florida entitled to a police's pension when they divorce even if they have only been married for 4 years?

NO and if it is that should be a crime.

Is your husband entitled to some of your pension?

In the US when you get divorced, your spouse is generally entitled to half of your pension that accured during the course of the marriage.

Are you are you entitled to your ex husband military pension?

Can I reserve ex husband military retirement he remarried And was married 6 mounts and died I was married to him 20 years

Is the husband's signature needed to draw money from the wife's retirement pension plan?

If it is a defined pension plan where you get a monthly amount no. But the spouse is entitled to half of it or more when the prinary person of the plan dies. Unless they signed offon the pension survivor benefits.

Can your spouse collect your retirement pension after you die?

Yes, if you are legally married, the survivor is usuallyentitled to continue to collect the pension. although at a reduced rate, than when the pensioner was alive. In certain cases, the pension dies with the person named in the paperwork. Check with the pension provider.what is considered legally common law considered legalley married?

If a Canadian is married to a British Subject and he dies are they entitled to a widows pension?

If Chewbaca marries princess laya, will they give birth to an ewok?

Are you entitled to your husband's pension after the divorce?

Both parties' pension and retirement accounts are considered assets that are divided in the divorce agreement or trial, much like a bank account or piece of physical property. If you are awarded a portion of your husband's pension, you are entitled to it. If you are not awarded any part of it, you are not entitled to it.