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This depends entirely on what disease you are asking about. Herpes, HIV and HPV, among others, can be present and infectious for years without symptoms or with only intermittent symptoms. Gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis, as well as some others, are only infectious for short periods of time (chlamydia and syphilis may be present long after they cease to be infectious. Especially true of syphilis).

If you have something that isn't infectious over the long term then someone has had sex outside the relationship or has been exposed via needle sharing (HIV and syphilis especially can be spread this way). But if it is something that can be infectious for years then it may have been present well before you began your relationship. == == == == You need to go to counseling and make him talk about it. Good luck and God Bless:) Since you have an STD, he needs to get tested to be sure he doesn't have it too. Then, you can talk to the Dr. and get information as to why an STD may be undetected for a long period of time. If your relationship is a good one, I would get more data before discussing the rest of the issue.

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What do you do if your husband denies he cheated but you believe he did?

Call cheaters....... no seriously if you believe he is cheating try following him or ask someone you trust to watch him.

What do You do if you have proof your husband cheated and he denies it?

Get a divorce attorney.

What if you accuse your bf of cheating but he denies it what if he denies even liking the girl and he tells you he loves you?

Then he probably is cheating on you and he told you he loved you to change the subject and make you frget about it

What if someone denies cheating?

it is bad and if someone finds out, they get in trouble

What if you think your wife has cheated without penitration?

* You have to be careful when to accuse a spouse of cheating when you don't have proof. Second guessing can get you into trouble. It would be wise to discuss your concerns with your wife. If she denies cheating and you have reason to feel that she is you can either hire a detective to follow her when she goes out or you can take a friend and follow her yourself.

What should you do if your husband lied to you about being on a sex dating website and is he cheating?

Confront him with your evidence and give him an ultimatim. He has cheated already by spending time on the internet with another woman even if he never met and slept with her. Giving his time to someone else that you should be getting instead is cheating. If he doesn't confess and still denies it, then you have a liar and cheater on your hands. In that case, I would recommend leaving him. Why stay with a guy who is not committed to the relationship? You could do better.

How do you verify if your husband in Jamaica father a child during your marriage?

I've been told my husband has a 7 year old daughter from another women. We have been married 23 years and he denies it.

What is jay Sean's wife name?

It's just a rumour he's married He denies it but there are speculations that he married Thara Prashad in August and is keeping it out of the media. However if he denies it (Which he does) I don't think he married it's just rumours.

How do I get the truth out of her when I KNOW she cheated but still blatantly denies it and still says she wants to marry me?

If she is adamant about her faithfulness, then consider your proof; did you catch her red-handed, or was it a friend who saw her hanging out with a guy? She is perfectly capable of spending time with other people and not be cheating - give her some benefit of the doubt.

What do you do if you think your wife is cheating but when you confront her she totally denies it?

If you only "think" she is cheating that does not necessarily mean she is cheating it is your speculation. You have to have concrete evidence before accusing her but for now you have to take what she says at face value until your absolutely sure.

How can I get over my ex that I still love and he says he still loves me but denies he ever had an affair and I have proof he has cheated throughout the whole marriage?

Because you have proof he cheated (more than once probably) that is NOT love! Someone that loves you would cheat on you and treat you with kindness, loyalty and honesty. Yes, you may feel you still love him because you haven't given yourself time to grieve over losing each other because of his cheating, but please give yourself a chance. You deserve a whole lot better than this guy! I was once married to a cheating husband and I got the proof as well and I finally had enough and kicked him out and filed for divorce. Although a person can perhaps cheat once (make a mistake) and never again they may be worth a second chance, but when someone cheats on you consistently they aren't worth it and they WILL cheat again!

I have no proof she's cheating but I suspect it. What do i do about my wife moving another man in?

Married couples should communicate and be honest with each other so it's time you sat down with her (if you have children send them to relatives for the evening) and tell her how you feel. Let her know that you will not put up with cheating. If she denies she is you are either overly jealous or, you need to follow her on the nights you suspect she is cheating and catch her red handed.

New boyfriend cheating but denies it?

Answer If you know for sure that your new bf is cheating then perhaps it's time to drop him and find another boyfriend, who needs the hassel of a guy who lies from the seat of his pants.

Why would a married man tell you he was getting attached to you but got caught cheating and now denies he ever said that to you?

Because he got caught cheating. He is attempting to salvage whatever he can salvage. When men are cheating on their wives, it generally isn't wise to think that they will defend their actions with the other women when the game is up. If they will cheat on their wives, the women they cheat with aren't thinking very clearly if they actually expect the men will be true to them.

What will happen if husband is interested in wife swapping but his wife denies?

If he's smart and cares about his relationship, nothing.

What does it mean when your mate has multiple profiles multiple emails of themselves and denies all but two?

When a person has multiple profiles and emails and denies all but two it means they are hiding something and not being honest with their mate and a possibility of flirting or cheating with the opposite sex (it is still cheating when one person leads another on even if there is no physical contact.)

Your girlfriend has had a lot of male friends and denies sleeping with most of them but you are suspicious?

It all depends on trust, if she really loves you then she has no need of cheating on you with other friends. It all depends on trust, if she really loves you then she has no need of cheating on you with other friends.

How can you obtain visitation rights to your son if your ex denies all contact and you were never married?

By going to court.

What should I do when my husband texted another woman over 1000 times in one month he denies cheating but I don't believe him?

If you know your husband has texted this other woman a great deal then you must have read some of the emails. If there was no incriminating evidence in those emails with regards to them cheating perhaps they were not. If you have found not found the evidence and kept a few copies of those texts then you have no real proof. If this woman lives in the same town or city then the only way you can prove for sure your husband is cheating is by hiring a detective. Interview investigators and see what their price range is. Generally one weekend of an investigator following your husband should prove one way or the other if he is truly cheating on you with this woman. If you cannot afford an investigator then decide when you think he is seeing this woman (generally on weekends or working late at the office) and ask a girlfriend if she will join you to follow your husband in your friend's car to get the proof you need.

You have found out your fiance who you live with is on dating sites and he talks to people in your area He denies it Is he cheating?

Right now he's " window shopping " , but it doesn't look good.

What is the truth about Jon and Kate?

The truth is that Jon was in fact out with another woman. According to him and Kate, he's made some poor decisions. Whether or not he cheated on Kate has not exactly been proven. There are unsubstantiated claims that Jon is out frequently with various women. Jon denies that he cheated on Kate, though. As for there marriage, a divorce has not yet been officially declared, but the two do not live together. There are also rumors that Kate is having an affair with her bodyguard, an allegation that Kate denies.

Why would your girlfriend accuse you of cheating when you have never given her a reason to cheat before but she has given you lots of signs and you wonder if she has cheated even though she denies it?

My ex husband was like your girlfriend. He'd accuse me of cheating (and I honestly wasn't) and he was the one cheating and I caught him. Usually cheaters are the way they are because they have no self confidence. I found out later that my ex's mother cheated over and over again on his father until his father finally left. My ex told me when I filed for divorce, "I thought all women would cheat eventually, so I was going to beat you to it." Although it saddened me to realize the damage he was doing to his personal life he had to learn that not all women cheat, just like not all men cheat. Also there are people that have to be constantly adored, told they are beautiful (or handsome) and verification that they are #1 in their mates life. That's also lack of self confidence and immaturity. You should sit down and communicate with your girlfriend. If she is cheating she will never admit to it, but, it gives you the opportunity to let her know that no one is going to walk all over you this way. Good luck Marcy

The construction denies the states the power to?

The construction denies the states the power to:

How do you set him up for cheating?

Well if you feel like he is cheating you should talk to him first. If he denies it and you don't believe him then you should look for clues. For example, suspicious behavior or weird phone calls from girls or if he is staying out late. Then confront him about all the strange things you've been noticing.

What is an example sentence for denies?

John Doe denies stealing the money.