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Hope this helps, its from Yahoo's health page..

"It provides protection from pregnancy within 2 weeks of the initial injection. Blood levels of DMPA remain high for about 4 weeks, then stabilize at a lower level.

You will probably be given a pregnancy test before your first injection because one study showed that DMPA users who were either pregnant at the time of their first shot or who got pregnant while using the drug were more likely to have low birth weight babies.

It's important that you get your shots regularly. However, if you are going on an extended vacation and need one before 3 months are up, it will do no harm. You also have a grace period of about 4 weeks after the next shot is due. It is inadvisable to push the limit though, because some women have gotten pregnant by extending their three-month intervals"

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Q: If you have been on Depo for more than a year is it still possible to get pregnant?
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Is it possible to get pregnant on the depo shot cause I been spotting in nipple been sore I got pregnant with my last child on depo?

If you got pregnant on your last depo shot then it should be obvious you can get pregnant taking it.

Have anyone been pregnant on depo?


Is it possible to get pregnant if you have been on Depo-Provera for one and a half years and have not had a period for over 6 months?

Highly unlikely that you are pregnant as the depo shot is one of the best methods of birth control. If you have not had a period, you should ask your doctor but I do know that it is common with depo users.

Can you still get pregnant after tubes been clipped or cut?

Although it is unlikely, if you still have ovaries and a womb it is still possible to become pregnant.

Who has been pregnant on the depo shot before?

i have got pregnant while being on the depo shot it the reason why is that my body did not take the drug how it was suppose to and i found out that when i got the shot to the time i found out i was pregnant as if i was never on it

You been on depo shots every sense last year June and you haven't seen your period yet and you cant get pregnant?

Some women stop menstruating on depo and they do not get pregnant.

I just recently got off the depo shot this month and I've been spotting and cramping and i had unprotected sex could i be pregnant?

It would be unlikely to get pregnant this soon off depo.

Have been off depo shot for 2 months unprotected sex just now starting birth control pills but haven't had a period for few years can i still become pregnant?

Yes, it's possible to get pregnant between the time you're late for your Depo Provera injection and the time when you've had seven birth control pills in a row, even if you don't yet have a period.

What could happen I'v been on the depo shot for almost 2 years is it danderous to get pregnant?

There are no special concerns with gettting pregnant while on Depo Provera or immediately after stopping depo Provera. It does not increase the risk of birth defects or other problems.

Can you get pregnant if you been on shot for two years but missed depo aptment for a mouth but ate had a period?

Yes you can because the hormones in your body when pregnant start changing, and it is possible to have what appears to be a period at early stages of pregnancy

Is there anything you can take or do to get pregnant after the depo?

i want to get pregnant & me & my boyfriend been trying but I've never conceived, how can I get pregnant, is their any pills or vitamins?

Could you be pregnant if you had been on the depo shot for a year and you have been off of it for two months and now you have extremely sore nipples?

I'm not sure that the sore nipples have anything to do with possibly being pregnant.. it prob. has more to do with your hormones changing from being off the depo.. It takes about a year for the depo to get completely out of your system..

If you take depo and must get a shot every 3 months why continue the injection if it takes up to 10 months to get pregnant?

Because you COULD get pregnant after 3 months and 1 day. I got pregnant 2 weeks after stopping the depo and switching to the pill. Everyone is different. I know of women who have been off the shot for years and still havent gotten pregnant.

If you got off the depo shot and have been spotting and have very little bleeding and some cramps and headaches could you be pregnant?

When I first got off the shot I was spotting for several months, had cramps, but I was not pregnant. Normally when you first get off depo, it may take a while for it to completely be out of your body. And it still make take awhile for you to be able to get pregnant.

If your home pregnancy tests are negative is it still possible to have been pregnant and miscarry?


I have been on depo for a month can i get pregnant?

can i have unprotected sex if i got the dope shot six days ago and not worry about getting pregnant

What if you recently stopped the Depo-Provera shot and Its been 6 weeks Since its warn off and 6 days ago you had a positive pregnancy test Is that possible?

Yes. Some people can get pregnant 3 months or less after their last injection. Its even possible to get knocked up before depo wears off. If you are unsure if you are pregnant take additional tests and/or see a doctor.

You are due for your depo injection but have been extremely nauseous and faint for the past week you've been on the depo for over 4 years is it possible you're pregnant?

The signs of pregnancy are missing period and positive pregnancy test. Take a pregnancy test; if negative, talk with your health care provider about your symptoms.

Can you still be pregnant if you are on your period?

yes, its possible that you can be if your periods has always been irregular they often still longer if you but that's how you know.

Im on the depo and im bleeding i feel with naseu can i be pregnant?

it is always possible u could be pregnant since no form of bc is 100% effective. when i was on depo i use to spot for 4-6 weeks before my next sht was due but i had no other symptoms. how long have u been on the shot? r ur breasts tender or anything?

Can you be pregnant if you have been of the depo for 6months and had brown spotting and cramps and low back pain and hip pain for 2months?

You could be pregnant if you had unprotected sex.

If you have been using the pull-out method for more than a year is it still possible to get pregnant at any time?

Yes its a wonder you are not pregnant now

I have had one Depo Provera shot. I got it in 1008 and its 1208. I have been having unprotected sex for the whole time i have been on it. Is there a possibility I can still get pregnant?

Yes. Depo takes 30 days or so to become effective and is not 100% effective in any case. No birth control is 100% effective.

Is it possible to be pregnant when you have been having unprotected sex for 3 months straight and have the pregnancy symptoms but still have a period?

yes it is possible to be pregnant even tho you are still having periods you better do a pregnancy test or visit your gp asap

I was on the depo shot for one year i stop taking the shot about 2 months ago i got a 3 day period and then it suddenly stop is there a possibility of me being pregnant?

You probably are not pregnant. With depo, you get an infertility after shock. Its like a year or so after your last shot. I had depo a year ago and I still haven't been able to get pregnant and my period started last November and has not been regular since. I also get spotting or 2 periods a month, its all out of whack. Just be patient and if you can, get birth control pills to regulate your cycle. Once you are regular you can get pregnant. Until then, you will go through the weirdest periods ever.