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The first caution would be to discuss with your physician why you feel it necessary to discontinue your medication. Since you say you've been on it a long time, this may indicate you have a chronic medical condition which could require lifelong treatment with your current medication, or a newer agent. Most medications are metabolized out of the system within a day, and "detox" products will do nothing to affect that. Your liver detoxes drugs, not products passing through your GI tract. Beyond this chemical half-life in the system, many medications have a longer "biological" effect where your body may have adapted to the drug over a period of time. Reversing these changes takes only time, and may well not even be desirable (think cholesterol-lowering agents).

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Q: If you have been on prescription medicine for a long time what kind of detox could you use to take all medicine out of your system?
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How long does it take prescription drugs to get out of your system?

how long does puriclean take to detox your system of mariauana an vicodine

How do you detox marijuana?

You can get it out of your system by not smoking it for a while or buying a detox pill that cleans out your system.

What is the top recommended detox diet?

When you detox your body, you are ridding it of unwanted toxins and bacteria. You could describe it as cleaning out your system. Although this can be good for your body, it is not healthy to detox for long periods of times. I recommend speaking with your doctor about what detox plan is right for you.

How long does detox drinks clean your system out?

How long detox drinks take to clean your system out will depend on the amount of toxins that are in your body and what type of effort you are making to detox your body. If you are consuming detox drinks and eating healthily, it could take your body a few days to several weeks to completely rid it of toxic matter.

If you drink cranberry juice will that detox your system from meth?

It will help speed up the process, but it will not detox your system instantly.

Does stinger detox get weed out of your system?

yes but as with any detox DRINK LOTSA WATER!!

Will a sauna help detox your system?

Yes, sauna can help with detox and skin purification

How can you detox from marijuana in two weeks?

There is a2 week detox system that can be purchased from gnc. And also a 2 day detox drink

Can cranberry detox your system?


Can you take detox pills while pregnant?

No, don't take any pills without the prescription from your doctor.

How long does a detox pill clean your system for?

Most of this detox pills/drinks don't clean , they mask the drugs in your urine for 3-4 hours. Some detox (made for toxins) helps to clean your system but you need to take it on the daily base (week or to). Depends on the detox

You take Adderall by prescription and also smoke marijuana daily will a strong detox work to cover the THC or will the amphetamines interfere with results?

As far as i know the only affect adderall has on THC in the body is to expedite the the release of the THC out of the body due to the simulative properties, adderall should not affect the detox agent from cleansing your system.

Will rescue detox work for marijuana drug test?

Yes. It works for all drugs, prescription and non, and alcohol and nicotine.

Can you get marijuana out of your system?

you'd have to take detox pills.

Does yogi detox tea clear your system of marijuana?


How do you get spice out of your system for a drug test?

Detox pills

What is it callled when removing a drug from the body system?


Does green tea extract work to detox your system?

no it does not.

How do you detox your system from pot?

i am now potty trained

Do cranberry pills help you to detox?

Cranberry pills can help flush your system, particularly your urinary system. Any natural substance helps you detox but there are better methods to do this.

Can you drink liquor on detox?

Why bother to detox if you're just going to put more poison back into your body? The whole idea of a detox is to clean your system out and keep it clean.

What detox to cleanse your system really works?

I haven't tried a lot of Detox, but right now I am using those Kinoki Detox FootPads and they work so far, and I feel better and more clean on the inside, so you could try those. They are about $20 US Dollars and you can find them at a health store such as Walgreens.

How do you detoxify marijuana?

You can get it out of your system by not smoking it for a while or buying a detox pill that cleans out your system.

How long to detox from Vicodin?

How long does Vicodin stay in your system.

Does detox 7 clean weed out of your system?

No, but it cleans out THC.