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yes the extra weight you gained is just muscle...

your legs are burning fat and gaining muscle. you'll lose size in your thighs and whatnot, but the "weight" you're gaining is muscle (which weighs much more than fat). try not to judge your body by the number displayed on the scale. try measuring your thighs once a month or something. i promise they'll get smaller, and then they might actually grow in size a little but they will be toned and firm

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:48:35
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Q: If you have been running about 15 miles a week for one week is it common to gain some weight at first but eventually start losing weight?
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Why I'm not losing weight after i strated exersicing is the muscle?

Are you running enough? If not, I recommend you start running, that will help you loose weight.

What are some good weight losing exercises?

Running and swimming.

Is running good for losing weight?

Any aerobic exercise combined with a sensible diet can help lose weight.

Does running or sit ups help to produce faster weight loss?

Running will produce faster weight loss than sit ups. Cardio is the best option for burning calories and losing weight, this is why running is better.

Anorexic without losing weight?

Impossible, actually. Once you're anorexic you are going to keep losing weight, until you are the most anorexic you can be, and then you'll eventually die. Why would you want to be anorexic without losing weight? Isn't that the whole POINT of anorexia?

What does Protein intake and losing weight have in common?

They are in common because when you have lots of protein in your body it gives you the energy to exercise which helps you lose weight.

What are some good benefits of running?

You get stronger leg muscles along with slowly losing weight.

Who is the patron saint for losing weight?

There is no patron saint of losing weight.

How respiration is important for losing weight?

how is respiration important in losing weight

Is swimming as good as running for losing weight?

As a matter of fact, swimming may be better than running because it has less impact on joints and more of the body is used for swimming than running.

Does a routine running improve the face toning?

Eventually-it doesn't really matter how you lose the weight, if you lose enough it does eventually change the face's appearance.

Which is better for losing weight: treadmills or running?

It all depends on what is best for you. If you prefer running inside than do that. Both will work your cardiovascular system and help you burn calories.

Does running stop your period?

Stress and losing more weight than is healthy can make menstruation irregular or cease temporarily.

How much weight would you lose running a 10 k every day?

Running a 10k everyday will eventually permanently damage your strength and stamina, you need to rest to lose weight and gain lean mass.But since you asked you burn around 600 to 810There is 3500 calories estimated in a pound of fatJust remember you cant burn fat without losing water weight and muscle at the same time.

What sports enable you to lose the most weight?

football and nba have the players constantly running and moving throughout the game and those are the best sport for losing weight in my opinion

What exercise you more common on losing weight jogging or walking?

Jogging, but you lose more by having sex

What should i do to lose weight but not gain muscle?

On top of having a good and healthy diet as well as exercising, keep in mind that you will eventually gain weight in your legs at some point. While this is not an issue, if you are constantly weighing yourself to monitor your weight don't be discouraged by the stall that you may run into. It's simply your leg muscles strengthening due to the running. I am unsure as to how long this stall period will last for you, I assume its different for everyone but eventually you will push through it and begin losing weight again.

What is keeping you from losing weight?

A lack of motivation prevents many people from losing weight.

Can strength exercises help lose weight?

Somewhat. It is good to have a balance. Running, swimming, good healthy food etc. and then weight-lifting can partially help. But you should stick with normal weight-losing exercises.

Is jogging good for losing weight?

Running or jogging is one of the simplest and most effective workouts for weight loss, as it involves the whole body, with particular focus on the large muscles of the legs.

Why am I not losing weight after running?

You have to run enough to burn what you are taking in. That equation is the same for everyone, even if they have the best genes. Calories in must be less than calories burned to lose weight.

What is the simplest way to lose weight?

I think it is best to exercise as much as you can. Swimming and running are great for losing weight. My doctor told me to eat white meat instead of red meats.

What is a good sentence with losing?

You're losing me, here. I'm steadily losing weight!

Does losing weight make your teeth crooked?

No losing weight doesn't have anything to do with crooked teeth! LOL!

Do you gain weight before losing it?

No you gain muscle mass while loosing fat. you should not be gaining weight before losing weight.