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AnswerYes. Visit the family court and the clerk will help you file the proper petition.

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Yes it can be done, as the spouse is living in Italy for over a year, and is separated, the divorce can go through.

The judge or magistrate can compel them to sell the papers. They can also in some cases decide a divorce case without a signature.

Yes the law allows you to divorce your spouse legally if you are separated from your spouse for a period of five years.

You can fake her signature or you can get one of her papers that she did sign and tape it to the divorce papers

Yes. In the United States it may take a little longer if one party won't cooperate but they cannot prevent the divorce.

You cannot file for divorce in the US without contacting your spouse unless they are declared dead or they cannot be located.

In the law it is. if you are only physically separated (meaning you are simply living apart from your spouse and not legally separated), then any adultery at this point will most likely have an effect on how the financial issues in your divorce are decided. Finally, if you are still married, your spouse can file for a divorce on the ground of adultery whether you are legally separated or not.

If you are legally separated, you are free to see other people. South Carolina divorce does use adultery as one of the grounds options, but dating while you are separated is not adultery.

I know you can still get divorced in NY without a signature if you've been separated for 2 years. There are other ways too but you still have to get consent from the court, like if you don't know where your spouse is

The short answer is no, both parties do not have to sign divorce papers for the divorce to be legal. Every person has a right to divorce and your spouse cannot prevent you from exercising your right. As a matter of fact, you can get a divorce without the consent of your spouse in all 50 states. Your best option is to file for a "no-fault" divorce. Filing a "no-fault" divorce will prevent your spouse from being able to contest any allegations based on a specified "fault" for the divorce. Not every state has fault based divorce options, but the good news is a "no-fault" divorce is available in all 50 states. In many states, the courts have provided a divorce option that not only allows you to divorce without the consent or signature of your spouse, but do not even require your spouse to appear in court for the final judgment. Please check the specific laws of your state for further information.

If you are still legally married, you can be held responsible. That would be the benefit of getting a divorce.

Many divorces are mutual between spouses but if your spouse refuses to sign your divorce papers, the process can take significantly longer. While there is no guarantee, your divorce could anywhere from a month to a year longer than an uncontested divorce.

no you have to be living apart for 1 year (separated)

I believe that you can be granted a divorce within 1 year of separation with or without his signature. There will likely be more paper work to file though. Good luck!

In most countries it is usually the same process. You must file for divorce in France and they will require that you serve them with the divorce papers and this is accomplished with your spouses signature as proof that he received the divorce papers. One thing...It DOES NOT have to be his/her signature as receiving the papers. For example if it is sent to where your spouse works any signature will do as it is understood that your spouse was the final recipient of the divorce papers. If his personal or business address is NOT KNOWN then you will be required to publish in the last city where your spouse was known to live or you believe he/she is living an article stating that you have filed for divorce. In the USA it is usually a 4-6 month process. It may vary in France.

Dating while married if you are separated would be until you or your spouse file for a divorce.

If you have been legally separated for nine years but your spouse does not want to give you a divorce, it is importance to see the divorce attorneys. The divorce attorney will be able to provide the much needed legal health.

In the US, a divorce is never "automatic". You have to file for divorce. However, in order to obtain a no-fault divorce in VA you must have been separated for 1 year, OR 6 months if there are no minor children and you have a separation agreement.

Yes, you can because it is not necessary for a spouse to sign divorce papers in New Jersey or in any other state. A complaint for divorce is filed and a summons issued. Both are served on the other spouse, who then has a certain time to answer the complaint. If no answer is filed and if the papers had been properly served, the plaintiff will be allowed to proceeds to try to prove his/her case without objection by the defendant. All this can occur without the other spouse signing anything. No "signature" is required for the obvious reason that one cannot reasonably expect a person about to go through a divorce proceeding to be cooperative with the plaintiff and sign papers.

Never. There is no such thing as an automatic divorce. You must get a court decree to legally end a marriage.

It would not be "automatic" but the petitioning spouse can receive a divorce under the state default laws. He or she will need to prove to the court that they have made every attempt possible to locate the absentee spouse before the divorce will be granted.

An uncontested divorce is when both parties agree to getting a divorce. If one party doesn't agree, this would then become a contested divorce. You may need a lawyer to handle a contested divorce. If you are able to agree, you can do a divorce without a lawyer depending on your state laws.

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