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If you have been spending a couple hundred dollars on your car every couple months should you buy a new one?

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Buying a car could be expensive, However managing a car is far more biting. The most biting of the running cost is the cost of fueling. This is especially worrying in countries or regions that experience fuel price hike or when we have limited finance. So as a car owner you wan to make sure that every liter of gas (fuel) counts. You definitely wan to increase your car's mileage and save yourself from unwanted expenses. Here are basic tips to make every liter count.

· Keep Constant Check on Acceleration: Quick acceleration is short cut to over-consumption of fuel. Therefore, it is important to keep a constant check over your rate of acceleration for saving fuel. It is the only answer to the most repeated question asked again and again -how to get best mileage from diesel and petrol cars?

· Avoid Too much Clutching: In case you are driving a used car with manual transmission gearbox, try not to press clutch too much. Use it only when and where it is needed, it will help in keeping your fuel bills in control.

· Significance Of Appropriate Gear Shifting: Just like the previous point, this one is also applicable for cars with manual transmission. Try to use the right gear for right speed; it will help in keeping fuel consumption in check. For more information read the user manual provided with your car

· No Delays In Car Servicing: How to get best mileage from petrol cars, get them serviced regularly. Not only will this save fuel but will help ensuring healthy maintenance of your car's engine and preventing break-downs.

· Regularly Clean Your Air filter: In case, you are driving through a dusty environment every day, then it is a must to clean your air-filter regularly. A dust filled air filter would obstruct flow of fresh air and suffocate your car's engine leading to frequent break downs. Frequent cleaning of air filters will consume less fuel and ensure long life of your car's engine.

· Red Signal? Keep Off Your feet Off from Accelerator: When you know you have to stop your car in next 100-200 meters over red light, it is wise to put your feet off from accelerator and slow down the car. It will be of great use in saving that last drop of fuel.

· Air Pressure: Try to maintain the air pressure in accordance with recommended levels. Keep checking them in every 2 weeks; it helps in smooth running of car and preventing fuel wastage.

· Maintaining Constant Speed Over Highways: Fluctuating speed levels over highways can be one of the prime reasons for fuel wastage. Try to maintain a constant speed level for saving fuel.

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