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No! But you may want to try a padded bra. It looks more natural and alot of girls don't develop till later.

2006-09-12 09:11:40
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What is your Suggestions of the growth of the hole in the earths ozone layer?

The suggestion to the growth of ozone hole is that it must be stopped. It can cause problems in the near future.

Is cooked stuffing left out of the fridge overnight ok to eat?

Cooked stuffing is at risk of foodborne illness when left out overnight. It has egg and sometimes dairy, as well as animal byproducts which are susceptible to easy bacteria growth. The stuffing should be refrigerated.

What are all the ways growth can be prevented?

Death. Malnutrition. Defects.

How can diaper rash be treated and prevented?

Always change your childs dirty diapers right away. When you notice a rash make sure to put cream and powder in the area to prevent future growth and pain.

6 mold growth in bread is prevented by the use of?

Mould Growth in bread is best kept prevented wrapped up in a air tight bag in the freezer, because mould cannot grow in cold conditions

What effect did Diocletian actions have on the growth of Christianity explain?

Diocletian stopped the growth by persecuting the christians.

How soil erosion and soil pollution can be prevented?

Erosion can be prevented by maintaining plant growth in an area, and stopping is simple: don't put anything into the ground.

How will high level of public corruption in Venezuela impact future growth rates?

he high levels of corruption impact Venezuela's future growth

What natural process can most likely be reduced or prevented by the introduction of such plant growth?

Soil erosion!!

What are the future planning of reliance industry?

growth of country

Where will the largest population growth occur in the future?


What is the current forecast by many economists for job growth in the near future?

The current forecast by many economists for job growth in the near future is 14% from 2012 to 2022.

Which of the following prevented the growth of an independent merchant class in sixteenth-century china?

Government opposition.

Can mold be prevented from growing on food?

Preservative chemicals are sometimes added to bread to retard mold growth.

IT advances have opened up a diverse set of application areas.Study the growth in the following areas and predict future growth path on entertainment?

IT advances have opened up a diverse set of application areas.Study the growth in the following areas and predict future growth path on medicine

Is tonsillitis responsible for stopped growth?

UsuallyTonsillitis is not responsible for stopped growth. Tonsillitis is Inflammation of the tonsils and is usually no problem after surgical removal. Tonsillitis usually can be the cause of bad breathe in the AM and snoring. In the way of growth both age and hormones deal with that. Usually the largest amount of growth is during the time of puberty also age is different between males and females for puberty. If you believe that you are to young to have stopped growth you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss this at which point your doctor should do a series of exams to determine the cause of the growth stop or pause.

How do you know when you have stopped growing?

Usually to really know if you've stopped growing the best way would get x-rays of your growth plates

What are the future growth prospects of becoming a doctor?

just have a carrer and do what you have to do

What is an age structure diagram used for?

To predict future growth.

Can hair pulling affect future hair growth?


What number of representatives was the growth of the House stopped?

435. That is the max amount of representatives in the HoR.

What considerations influence a pension plan's funding structure?

The plan's funding structure is influenced by several factors, including the growth stage of the company, estimates for future employee and profit growth, expected future investment returns, and future tax rates.

What is Economic growth that assures basic resources for future generations is associated with human development?

Economic growth that assures basic resources for the future is associated with sustainable human development. This type of development meets current needs without compromising the future.

What is turkey stuffing?

Stuffing is made to be served with the turkey. It is typically made with a bread base, some people prefer corn bread. It will often include celery, onions, turkey or chicken broth and aromatic herbs. Some will include walnuts or pecans, some will also include oysters. It can be cooked by stuffing it inside the turkey, but that is not usually recommended due to possible bacterial growth or a separate pan.

What stops sugar crystal growth?

When all of the water has evaporated, and all of the dissolved sugar has been turned into crystals, then sugar crystal growth will be stopped.