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Some men are just terrified of marriage, while other men enjoy getting all the "niceties" for nothing. 3 years is long enough to wait, so communicate to him how you feel and tell him, "I want commitment, and if you aren't willing to give it to me then that's it. I want to get married some day and have children, so I'm not willing to waste anymore of my time." Say it blunt, to the point and he's going to have to make a decision. When I was going with my 2nd husband, he'd not been married before, but I was divorced. We had a hoot together and we loved each other so much, but he was terrified of marriage. After going with him for almost 5 years I said, "You're going to buy this cow, because you're sure not getting the milk for free!" We parted company for approx. 6 months, but after that he missed me so much he was back with an engagement ring. Don't waste your life and don't give yourself away for free without some commitment. Good luck Marcy

Answer Marcy, I have read several of your posts and I really like your answers. I have been with my son's father for almost two years and I, too, am tired of waiting for the proposal. I'm actually coming up to a big crossroads in my life (getting ready to transfer to a four-year university next summer) and since we are a long-distance relationship, I set a deadline for a proposal (by the end of my stay with him in August). Not only am I tired of waiting, I need to know so I can plan on where I should go to school. We've talked openly about marriage and we know how we each feel about it. I advise you to light a little fire under him and say "Baby, I love you. I have wanted to marry you for (3) years and I still want to marry you. I need to know where we're headed so I can look for (schools, a job, etc.) to acommodate our relationship." Obviously, you don't want him to marry you because he has to, but let him know that you have a life too, that you're wasting time on him because you love him and you want to know that you're going somewhere together. Be gentle, but firm. He'll get the point.

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Q: If you have been waiting for three years for him to ask you to marry him what is taking so long?
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