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Get him a fiance visa. Then when he enters with that visa marry him within 90 days. If you go directly to the USCIS, tell them that your fiance is still in Mexico and not already in the U.S. You may have to prove with tangible evidence of how you met each other though: phone bills, letters, plane tickets to Mexico, etc. But so far that's the best way to marry an illegal immigrant so that you do not run into problems later trying to get him his green card.

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Q: If you have been with an illegal Mexican for over 2 years what is the best way to get him here legally and how can you get a marriage license?
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Is a marriage to an illegal immigrant legal and binding if performed without witnesses to sign the marriage license?

I would not think so due to the situation of one being an "illegal" immigrant. Who signed the marriage license if there were no witnesses, and was the person who performed the ceremony legally licensed to do so.

Is it illegal to not file your marriage license?

You are not legally married without doing so. That could cause problems later on.

If an illegal marrys a us citizen does the illegal person hace to go to native country?

An illegal resident can not legally get married in the US. In order to obtain an Marriage License, you must be able to prove that you are either a US citizen or here legally.

If you have obtained a marriage certificate and the ceremony was performed but you do not have a marriage license are you legally married?

If the marriage certificate was not issued by the state, no. You have to file for a license and execute the license.

If you register with the county for a marriage license are you legally married?

Obtaining a license does not mean you are married. You must complete the license and return it for a certificate of marriage.

If you get married in Mexico can you get married in the US?

If you are legally married in Mexico that must be disclosed when you apply for a marriage license in the United States. You will be expected to legally dissolve your marriage in order to remarry. If you lie on the application your marriage won't be valid and the Mexican marriage may surface at some future date and cause a lot of trouble.

Can an illegal immigrant get a drivers license in Arizona?

Not legally...

Do you have to file your marriage license in court to be married?

You do have to file your marriage license in court to be legally married. Failing to file can cause the marriage to become invalid.

What do you use to legally change your last name a marriage license or marriage certificate?

You need a marriage certificate. A license only indicates that you intended to get married, not that you did.

Are you legally married if you have a marriage certificate but you never got the marriage license before the ceremony?


Do you have to have a wedding license?

Yes. In order to get legally married, you must first get a marriage license.

Do I need a marriage license in Arizona?

yes you do need a license to be legally married in Arizona

Can you get married without a license in Ohio?

Without a license it would not be a legally recognized marriage.

Is a marriage license from Scotland valid in the US?

No it is not a valid license. However, a properly executed marriage in Scotland will be legally recognized in the US with a Certificate of Marriage from Scotland.

Is a church marriage ceremony legally recognized without a marriage license?

No. You need the license to be legal without it you just have a nice ceremony.

Are you legally married after you get marriage license?

No, the marriage has to be formalized by a member of the clergy or a court official. They sign the license and it is filed with the clerk.

You lied on your application for a marriage license is that perjury?

Its illegal

Are you legally married if you did not send in marriage license after the officiant signed it?


If you obtained a marriage license but never did the ceramony are you legally married?

If the license was not executed, you are not legally married. You have to have the officiant and witnesses sign it and return it to the clerk.

Can you get married in a church without a marriage license in Utah?

No. A marriage license is required to be legally married in the state of Utah. A few churches will perform a ceremony without a license, but it does not count as a valid legal marriage.

Can illegal immigrants gain a drivers license in Texas?

No. Illegal immigrants cannot legally obtain a drivers license in any state in the US.

Can someone marry without a marriage license?

Not legally. All states require a license. It is actually illegal for anyone that CAN legally marry people to do so without a license. "Marriage" is a legal word and is contractual in the eyes of the government. Another view... Lawful, however is a different word with a different meaning. Because God's law's are over man's laws and He first ordained marriage, you do not need to have a marriage license in order to be married. There are many Godly preachers who will marry a couple without a license. Marriage is a covenant between you and God. There is also the matter of the definition of the word "license." It is "something given to you by a competent authority which allows you to do something which would otherwise be unlawful." Marriage is not unlawful and therefore does not require a license. In addition, a license gives the state jurisdiction over your marriage and the fruits thereof -- your children. Many cite this alone as reason for not obtaining a marriage license.In many states it is illegal to conduct a marriage ceremony without a valid license. Without the license the marriage is not official. *If the couple wishing to marry reside in a state that allows common law marriage, a license is not required, nor is a formal service as long as they adhere to the established legal procedures required for the recognition of such a union.

I am marriage by the church but don't have licence my husband want to get marriage legally but he want a prenatal agreements before we get legally marriage what shot i do?

Don't do it get a license so you can make it official

Does a marriage license mean your legally married?

It depends, in California the marriage ceremony is required to make the marriage legal, and it has to be recorded.

Are you legally married without getting a marriage license in California?

No, you are not legally married. A getting the license doesn't complete the process, it must be executed and returned.