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This is a tough situation depending on where you live there is such a thing as squatters rights. If they have been in your home for more than thirty days and refuse to leave you might have a problem. Your best bet is to find a way to reason with them and get them to move out. If this is impossible you might end up going to court.


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Yes, an apartment complex can refuse to rent an apartment to you if you have bad credit. A bankruptcy alone will not stop you from being approved or disapproved from an apartment, they will consider your overall credit score and credit history.

No. A landlord has no right to refuse to rent you an apartment because of your race religion sexual preference have children or on social assistance.

Yes. It's not always the landlord that owns the apartment block, but a company and he has to go by the rules. The company has a right to a degree to decide who to rent too and refuse cosigners.

brought drop, leave, quit, refuse, shun, take

Refuse is already a verb. For example "to refuse something or someone" is an action and therefore a verb.

As long as another apartment is being offered to you, you must move. If you do not have a singed lease, they can always make you move.

Yes they can refuse if you are not married or not a relative.

Depends on the law where you are. In the UK a landlord cannot state 'no coloureds, no Irish' etc in rental advertisments. But presumably a landlord could refuse to rent and not give a reason.

In my opinion, when someone doesn't want to talk to someone else they ignore them and deliberately try to avoid them. They may also refuse to help them or refuse to work with them.

That would depend on local laws. You may consider getting an attourney, but in most places, you can just post eviction notices, and if they ignore, have the police deliver one. It can talke 60 days or longer to get someone out of an appartment.

You have to apoligize and you can say that it's not a good period for you to meet someone.

Yes you can paint your apartment and but you need to look at your lease you maybe able to deduct the cost from your rent as improvements to raise property value

If it is addressed to you, NO. If it is for someone else, you do not have to. Unless you live with that person.

He doesn't want to talk to you. Find someone else.

Puts someone on a blacklist so as to banish or refuse to do business with

It is illegal to refuse emergency medical service, even if the person is an illegal immigrant

Firstly, you throw your refuse things in the refuse chute. After that, someone will come and get it. This part is depending on where you live. In some places, in will go to the landfill. then they will do something. Like burning it.

To leave someone in the lurch is to avoid, neglect or refuse giving someone help when they need it.

If the apartment is leased in your name only, you simply tell him to go! If he doesn't, call the authorities because by law he has to go on your request. If the apartment is leased in his name you can't make him leave - but he can make you go. If it's in both of your names, you have a problem and will have to sort it out either amongst yourselves or with mediation (if you both refuse to go).

Refuse is present tense.I refuseWe refuseYou refuseHe/she refusesThey refuse

There's not much you can do with someone if they refuse to change their ways. Meanwhile, you're missing out on someone worthwhile by staying with him. Dump him.

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