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No, don't dye your hair because it will look fake if you have those color eyebrows. Many times People can tell that the color is fake.

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Q: If you have brownish kind of dirty blonde eyebrows will it look bad to dye your hair light blond?
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You have orange hair fair skin and really fair eyebrows you want to dye your eyebrows what colour should you go?

Probably a dirty blond color or a very light hazel or a light colored brownish/red

Is jenette mccurdy hair blonde?

She is either golden blond or dirty blond

What is a blond shade?

You mean like light blonde, dirty blonde, medium ash blonde?

What colour is Christian beadles hair?

either dirty blond or brownish.

What is Hayley Williams natural hair color?

her natural hair color is strawberry blond but then she died it to flame red. Her current color (as of Nov 09) is blonde with a blue streak in the front. brown, with natural blond heighlights, i do believe. Her natural hair color is a dirty blond! If you don't know why that is it's a brunette with blonde highlights! When she was younger she had blonde hair that's why most people thinks she's a blond but she isn't see I am a dirty blonde and I had beach blonde hair when I was younger! She said in an interview that as she has gotten older her hair has gotten a real dark brown

What is the differences between platinum blond and blond?

Platinum blonde is like a pure yellow almost white color. it usually looks like it has been bleached and blonde is all the other blondes more golden or dirty or just darker

What color is Justin Bieber's hair?

His hair color is brownish-blonde. This is often called "dirty blonde." Brown is his new hairstyle but its naturally dark blonde to a very light brown.

Will wash in wash out blonde work on light brown hair?

If the hair is so light that it looks dirty blond then yes. But otherwise no.

Are you blonde if your hair is a dirty blonde color?

Yes, you are still blonde even when it's dirty blonde. The darkest blonde is ginger blonde, which is a very dark blonde.

Is a dirty blond closer to brown hair or to it's origin of blond hair?

It depends whether it is a sandy dirty blond or more of a caramel dirty blond . A sandy color would be more like blond, but caramel would be brown.

Is Fergie blond?

Yeah, she's dirty blond, but still blond.

What color was Jane Goodalls Hair?

Dirty Blonde

Does matty b like girls with blonde hair?

yes but mostly he has a secret crush on my friend Abby Otto who has dirty blond hair

Was Justin Bieber originaly blond?

dirty blond

What color is your hair if you dye it green?

If your hair is brown it will be forest green if your hair is blonde it will be light green if your hairis dirty blond it will be regular green

Why are my eyebrows turning black?

Maybe it's because you have very dirty eyebrows

Is there a difference between Dark Blonde and Dirty Blonde or are they the same thing?

There is a difference, dark blonde has brown tones in it and dirty blonde has ash tones in it.

Is there a difference between dirty blonde hair and blonde hair?

Dirty blonde is darker than normal blone. Sometimes, dirty blondes have a little burnette in their hair.

If your mother was born with blonde hair and you were born with blonde hair but your boyfriends hair is brown and his parents hair is brown then what color hair will your baby have?

its kind of gentic so you child should have in the middle like a really dirty blond

What hair color does Emily Osment have?

she has dirty blonde hair YES so do i but yea dirty blonde

How do I change dirty blonde hair to blonde?

Go to the salon and get it bleach blonde

Is Dirty Blond a musical?


How do you get dirty blonde hair to blonde hair without dying OR bleaching it?

Well when its summer dirty blonde hair usually turns blonder from the sun but that wont make it blonde you may want. Really you should dye it to get it blonde not bleach it get blonde highlights.

Why does a humans neck turn brownish?

because its dirty

What is Niall Horan hair color?

Niall's hair color is like a blond or dirty blond. but most likely to be blond.