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if you have cancer before you are married, it will most likely be considered a pre-existing condition and it will not be covered by insurance.

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Her husbands name was Stephen Edward Smith. They were married in New York on May 19, 1956. He die of cancer on August 19, 1990.

The critical illness insurance UK covers the following illnesses: stroke, cancer, and heart attacks. Although one may think that these are covered unconditionally, there are some prerequisites. Firstly, stroke is only covered if it results in permanent symptoms. Secondly, cancer is only covered if it is an advanced case of cancer. Lastly, heart attacks are only covered if they are sufficiently severe.

As long as you are a minor or covered by their insurance, they have a right to know. And if you have cancer, you are going to want all the support they can give you.

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A lot of people purchase health insurance because they think it will help them when they become ill. Many people do not understand that when purchasing a particular health insurance provider many of them won't cover their health cost. Some people who are not covered are people who are pregnant, people who are going through cancer, and many other services may not be covered.

The benefit of cancer insurance is that if one is struck down by cancer they will be able to afford the treatment and care they need. The insurance covers hospital stays, treatments and surgery.

She did not (does not) have cancer. She has written two books (The Radiation Sonnets and Things to Say To A Dead Man) about her husbands battle with cancer.

transamerica life settlement has a form for former cancer policyholders. Are you the same as aflac insurance?

I am not a doctor and have no idea what the youngest age of colon cancer. But my husbands mother died of it at age 32.

how do I find out if YOU have cancer insurance? i would ask you "do you have cancer insurance?". lol. i think the answer to the question you intended to ask is i would check your bank statements for the past 12 month and call any insurance company drafting your account. if you are employed and/or your spouse is employed you should also look at your of pay stub and see if any premiums are being taken out for cancer insurance.

It is necessary to read a particular insurance policy to see exactly what it will pay for. In general, insurance policies pay for cancer treatments. There can be questions of how many and what type.

Cancer insurance provides coverage for treatment of all sorts of cancers including medicine, doctors visits and surgeries. The best insurance company for cancer patients is Blue Cross & Blue Shield.

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No. Most insurance companies do not cover sex reassignment surgery. Now Aetna apparently covers the first $50,000 of transsexual-related costs, so I believe mastectomies are covered. If you have a medical reason like breast cancer, insurance should cover the removal of the cancer. You might be able to get BCBS to cover it if the reason is stated as cancer prevention (if, for example, you have a family history of breast cancer).

Most traditional life insurance companies don't offer insurance for cancer patients. Benefit House Insurance Services offers such services, but it may be worth it to investigate many insurance companies to see what the options are.

no but it should be covered by insurance so it can be taken care of.physcologically its damaging to the males that have this issue and with extra breast tissue up top could mayb lead to cancer in some men..who knows but insurance should let this issue be covered but unfortunatly they look at it like its just visual thing...

Cosmetic surgery isn't covered under most medical insurance policies. Usually, in order for an insurance company to cover cosmetic surgery, it needs to be considered "medically necessary". For example, if you need reconstructive surgery, your insurance company will cover it only if it was due to an accident or certain illness (like breast cancer).

As the name suggests, supplemental insurance works in combination with other insurance and it's not for everyone. Supplemental health Insurance is an insurance for situations involving a critical condition or illness, there are policies that offer to help pay out-of-pocket expenses for heart attacks, strokes, heart surgeries, cancer and other illnesses. In short supplemental health insurance policies provide you with money to pay for some of the expenses not covered by major medical insurance.

There are some life insurance companies that may offer life insurance for cancer survivors. One way to find out is to contact a life insurance agent in your area (yellow pages) and ask if they have a contract with a firm that offers life insurance for cancer survivors. Also, there are guaranteed acceptance life insurance plans available from some carriers for people age 45-74, but the coverage is usually limited to $20,000. Another option is to request free life insurance quotes online from a life insurance quote service that has a network of insurance companies they can offer quotes through, some may provide coverage for cancer survivors. I believe the Hartford offers life insurance for men with prostate cancer, and women with breast cancer. I read about it in a 2006 article from Fox News.

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Term insurance typically comes in 10 15, 20 or 30 years. There are other companies that cover different terms. Term insurance is also cheaper than permanent insurance. Look for a Term insurance that has a conversion Claus allowing the insured to convert to a permanent policy if they are terminally ill. The insurance company cannot deny you if this were the case. This will allow you to be covered just incase your term insurance where to lapse and you are no longer insurable. e.g. Cancer

If you try to get health insurance and you have cancer, it is considered a preexisting condition.

In the USA you do not pay taxes on the Proceeds from an Insurance Claim.

Accidental insurance does not pay if you die of lung cancer.

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