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You can't unless you have a broody hen on eggs that are about to hatch. Put the little ducklings under that hen at night. You may have to take some of her eggs though, so you can put the ducklings in her nest. This has worked for some people but there's a possibility it won't work. It's just something you can try. Try one duckling one night and watch very closely the next day.

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Keep them separated. Attacking anything different is common among animals.

Yes, keep them separated. Chickens need a drier environment than ducks do.

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Q: If you have chickens and new ducklings how can you stop the chickens from pecking the ducklings to death?
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Should you use bits on your chickens to stop them pecking?

I Personally do not think you should, but if the pecking is a very large problem, that draws blood or that is preventing you from caring for them, you can get ones that stop them pecking people and still let them eat :)

Why are the chickens pecking each others bottom and how to stop it?

Because they are molting or they are at the bottom of the pecking order and I would take them out of the flock but then after they return the flock will treat it badly and the pecking order will change and it might be messy.

How can i stop my chickens pecking each other?

it's simple you should take it's care seperately

Is it bad if your small hen is pecking your small rooster?

yes- very bad. Chickens peck at any spot of blood on another chicken and can not stop. They make the injury bigger and deeper by the day and more prone to infections. There's a product you can buy to stop the pecking- it's called blue kote. Wash the injury if needed and spray on the blue kote until the pecking stops. If there's no injury, you can use vicks vapor rub. Chickens don't like the taste of it. But don't put it on an open sore.

One of my chickens is bullying one of my other chickens. she has pulled all of the other chickens tail feathers out and will not let her eat or sleep. how do i make this stop?

it's called a pecking order. I have 72 chicken and they all know there place , but sometimes they older chickens hurt the younger ones. You might have to seperate the older ones from the younger chickens.

How do you stop chickens from pecking your Silkies?

If the birds are pecking the Silkies while they are at roost you will need to supply them with more space. If the aggression is out in the yard or during the day the only way to really stop it is to separate them. It is usually one or two bullies who get things going so when it is time to cull the flock take the "bad" birds first. The pecking order in a flock is constantly changing and Silkies are a very NON aggressive breed.

Is there anything that you can put on your chickens to stop them from pecking the bare spots of the other birds please help?

Not that I know of, but you can get an ointment from the feed store called Rooster Booster or Stop Bite. After rinsing the blood off of the chicken you dab this ointment on the area and it promotes healing, causes the area to numb and keeps others from pecking it. This saved the lives of several of the birds in my flock.

What is a milk block that is used to stop chickens from pecking each other?

A hatchery uses mineral block that is similar to milk block. People who raise chicken find this method more humane than debeaking.

How do you stop rooster from pecking chicks?

I have used pine tar to some effect to stop chickens from pecking other chickens. You smear a bit around the bare spots on the bird that is being attacked. A rooster pecking at chicks probably means you need to start looking at soup recipes.ANS2:Well, you could try negative reinforcement, such as spraying water or pushing away. its kinda like showing dominance though so its a hard habit to break and some of the time it wont work. you could also try clipping the beaks, they'll still peck but it wont hurt as badly.

How do you stop the chicken from pecking itself?

Germolene can be effective in stopping a chicken from pecking itself when paired with a bandage. Germolene is available from most vets.

How do you stop badgers getting chickens?

teach your chickens to fly

What happens when Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings leave the river to the public garden in the book Make Way For Ducklings?

The ducklings are too young to fly and the cars will not stop for Mrs. Mallard and her little family. The kind policeman, Michael, enlists the help of other officers to stop traffic and the duck family is reunited with Mr. Mallard.

How do you get old chickens and a rooster to get along with baby chicks and a peekin duck?

The only way to accomplish this is to separate them until the chicks are old enough to stay out of harms way. Allowing the chicks to socialize with the flock can be done with a temporary cage, the chicks are protected yet among the older birds. All flocks of chickens have a pecking order and there is no way to safely stop this, the more grown up your chicks are, the better able to handle the pecking and chasing until peace reigns in the hen house.

How do you stop a hen from pecking a rooster?

Hens peck the rooster and other hens when they do not have enough room to roost. Adding extra roosting areas to the chicken coop will minimize the pecking.

What is debeaking in poultry production?

it is when the tips of the birds beak is removed to stop pecking and canablism

Do chickens continue to lay eggs as long as they live?

In some breeds they stop when they get old. For my chickens when the weather changes dramatically they will stop laying for a while.

How do you stop dogs from killing chickens?

Keep the dog inside and/or train the animal not to kill chickens.

Do chickens ever stop laying?


How do you stop a cardinal from pecking on the window?

it might be because he wants to go outside if its inside put him on a cage.

When is rhode island chickens laying seasons?

All chickens lay best in the spring and the fall. Most chickens stop altogether during the summer and winter.

How can you stop your chickens from having diarrhea?

Feed them properly !

How do you stop a chicken from pecking the feathers of other chickens?

This problem usually but not always indicated a lack of room. Give the hens more space to roost and the problem should correct itself. If one aggressive hen is attacking several other hens it is sometimes best to cull the offending hen.

How do you stop the robin from pecking on the windows?

You call Batman to check if he lost his sidekick, he should come and collect Robin.

How do you stop pheasants chicks from pecking each other?

you get a normal rasin and peirce a horse hair through it and feed it to them

When do you put little chickens in with the big chickens in the same coop?

I would wait until the younger chickens are at least a few months old. The older chickens will peck the younger ones, but they will stop at some point.