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If you were receiving a broadband analog signal, you could put in a signal splitter after the cable box, one line going to your TV and the other line to the DVR, as each has its own tuner. They would both receive a full choice of channels.

Since you are receiving an encrypted digital signal, and want to two channels to change (for ''both'' the TV or the DVR), you might need two tuners, which essentially "splits" the digital signal to your desired channel across two.

Sometimes cable companies will give you a deal for two converter boxes.

Try looking at the VEG-N video unit by It might do what you want.

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Q: If you have digital cable and a converter from your cable company how do you sequence that box and a DVR you buy so that you can record any channel and view one while recording another?
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To connect a digital TV converter box, follow these steps:1. Disconnect antenna from TV2. Connect antenna to antenna connection on Converter box.3. Connect an antenna cable from the converter box to the TV's antenna connection.4. Turn the TV to channel 3, turn on the converter box, and follow the setup menu from the converter box to search for channels.5. Keep the TV on channel 3, and change channels using the remote control for the converter box.

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I have a TV converter box, I use the remote to scan for available signals and then they are automatically programmed into my remote/system as an available viewing channel.

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