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What do you mean by dual insurance? You cannot have two auto insurance policys on one car. If you mean can you claim damages (let's say) from the 'At Fault' party and then also claim them under your collison coverage, no you cannot.


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A Dual life insurance policy covers two people, though independently. It is effectively like having two single policies where cover will pay benefits on the death of both insured.

In fact, the insurance regulatory authority has to look after the interests of both Insurance Company and the insured persons. While policy matters are formulated to such an extent that the insurers are not loosers vis a vis the insured persons are not deprieved of their fundamental rights in getting claims while in distress. This dual challenges post enorous responsibility on the insurance regulatory authorities.

The Uninted States currently allows the use of two or more insurance coverage for a single patient. For example, in some situations a patient may submit a medical claim to a state or nationwide insurance (such as Medicaid) as well as a private insurance company to cover the difference.

One can get a dual insurance deal for their mopeds when one goes to the site of TD to get quotes, or go to the site of Intact Insurance and Insurance Motorcycle.

Single cam claims 120 Dual cam claims 140 Dual cam on svt claims 170 All of those motors are 2.0L zetec. Not sure about the newer duratec engines.

It means you each have a different insurance company. If you had both HMO dental coverage and Delta Dental (and the veteran in me has to ask: "for God's sake, WHY Delta Dental?") active at the same time, that would be dual coverage.

Yes you can receive both of his dual citizenship.

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Only if they're both with dual citizenship.

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Dual federalism is when politics are divided between both the state and the federal governments. Both are divided with clearly defined terms.

dual marketing = marketing virtually the same products to both consumers and business customers. So, both B2B as well as B2C.

Yes. Both countries accept dual citizenship.

assuming you mean at age 65 or beyond, medicare becomes the primary insurance, and your other insurance becomes a medicare supplement.

Dual power supply means to have +ve and -ve supplies both. Like in Op Amps it is mentioned single or Dual supply.

some patients have two insurers because both spouses receive coverage through their employer or because they have purchased an HMO policy to supplement the deficiencies of a basic polic, such as Medicare.

"Dual eligibility" means exactly that - eligibility for both Medicare and Medicaid.

The 'dual nature' of light is the theory that light behaves as both a wave and a particle.

Double Insurance-Situation in which the same risk is insured by two overlapping but independent insurance policies. It is lawful to obtain double insurance, and the insured can make claim to both insurers in the event of a loss because both are liable under their respective polices. The insured, however, cannot profit (recover more than the loss suffered) from this arrangement because the insurers are law bound only to share the actual loss in the same proportion they share the total premium. Also called dual insurance.

The children or heirs of the deceased will receive the benefits in a situation including a second to die insurance policy. It is also goes by the terms "Dual Life Insurance" and "Survivor-ship Insurance".

Your state may have varying laws about dual coverage, but generally speaking, if you have a primary insurance, they will pay first. Any co-pay or deductible that your primary coverage does not pay will be covered by government insurance.

You are both Mexican and American, as both countries allow for dual citizenship.

They have dual nature , both wave and particle .

Why would you want to? You would pay twice as much and if there is a claim the insurance companies will split the cost of the payment. It is illegal for you to attempt to profit for a loss on an insurance policy.

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