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No, not until you are actually found guilty of a felony charge, are you actually a convicted felon.

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2009-12-08 04:38:28
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Q: If you have felony arrest does that mean I'm a felon?
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Im not a convicted felon how ever you are facing a felony charge everywhere ive applied treats you like a convicted felon how can I find a job if this felony arrest shows up on my background?

The best suggestion would be to research the expungement law of the state you were arrested in, to see if you are eligible to have the charge expunged from your record.

Are you a felon if im on probaition with sis?

No, I am not a felon. I'm not sure what you mean by "im on proaition with sis"

Can your boyfriend live with me if im on section 8 and he has a felony?

This depends on the type and age of the felony record. Your felon boyfriend has to be approved by both the landlord AND the Housing Authority.

Can you go to college if im a convicted felon?

(in the US) I do not believe that being convicted of a felony is a bar to college entrance. But, there is no need to waste your time going to college because you will not be able to get a job if you are a convicted felon

Can i purchase and own a gun in texas if im a convicted felon 8 Years since my conviction and served 364 days?

No, if the felony is still on your record then you may not posses a firearm!

Can you be a doctor if im a convicted felon?

Well, of course I can be a doctor if you're a convicted felon. Unless you murder me on the job. You are a felon after all...

Can a felon get housing in Wisconsin if they finished their probation?

Can i get housing in wi im a felon but done with probation

What do first offender mean. If you are under first offender are you a convicted felon?

i wanted to know do i put yes or no whenit ask if im a convicted felon and i fall under the first offender law

Can you get your gun rights back if im a convicted felon?

please .

Can you fly to Brazil if im a felon?

Depends if Interpool follow you No

Can you have a cross bow if Im on felony probation in Georgia?


Can you buy a pistal made before 1899 if im a convicted felon?


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