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In general that is dependent on the lender and the provisions of state statutes. It may also be affected by whether the filing was a federal or state BK. In some instances the consumer has up to a year before having to vacate the premises, in others it can be sixty to ninety days.
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Q: If you have filed a chapter 7 bankrupcty how long can you stay in your house before you have to surrender it?
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Can you quit your job before filing chapter 7?

Only if you have filed chapter 6.

Can a chapter 7 be filed with an open chapter 13?

A Chapter 7 can be filed with an open Chapter 13.

I filed chapter 13. How long before I can file Chapter 7?

You can file Chapter 7 once, every seven years

Can you declare bankruptcy now that your first bankruptcy is discharged?

It depends on the chapter you filed under. If you filed under Chapter 7, you have to wait 8 years before filing again. If you filed under Chapter 13, you only have to wait four years.

How many years before you file chapter 7 after you filed chapter 13?

4 years between filings.

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