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You should never again have unprotected sex unless you want to give your condition to your partner. Herpes has no cure and can be passed along even when sores are not present, the medication will help diminish the symptoms but the disease will always be there. The risk of spreading the disease is less when an outbreak is not present but some risks are not worth taking. You should never have unprotected sex with your partner. It is a known fact that 78% of partners of people that have genital herpes contract it while it is supposedly dormant. It is a virus that is in your body all the time, what the antiviral medication does is keep it at bay so that you get less eruptions and outbreaks. Its much safer for both of you to stay protected at all times.

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Is there a way to get rid of thrush without getting medication?

No - it is a fungal infection - and must be treated with anti-fungal medication prescribed by a qualified healthcare professional. It can also be passed on to others through unprotected sexual activity.

What are the odds of getting pregnant when your mate is taking steroids?

The odds of getting pregnant in this case are the same odds as anyone else who is having unprotected sex without taking medication. Sperm doesn't care if your on medication or drugs. All it cares about is swimming to your egg and fertilising it.

How can you refuse genital herpes?

I'm not sure if I completely understand the question. You can't refuse to get genital herpes. But you can refuse to have sex with some one that has it. If you have intercourse or have a lot of partners you can put your self at risk of getting it. It's part of the consiquenses that come with having unprotected sex.

How can you be protected from an sti called genital warts?

You can prevent genital warts by abstaining from sex and genital-genital contact; getting the HPV vaccine; and reducing the number of partners. Condoms can also lower the risk of getting genital warts.

Will you get herpes frpm someone with the virus with no outbreak?

It's possible but herpes is less likely to spread when your partner is in between break outs. Your chances of getting it are even further reduced if they are taking antiviral medication or suppressants regularly. There is a higher chance of getting it if they have just had or are just getting a break out.

How do you treat the symptoms of genital herpes?

You can try using Ibuprofen to help with the pain and soak in warm Epsom salts baths, follow the directions on the package. The best thing to do is keep the break out clean and dry, also wear cotton underwear to help promote faster speeding time. If that doesn't help then you may want to see your doctor and talk to them about getting some antiviral medication.

How long after your period can you have unprotected sex?

you should not have unprotected SEX Period.No matter how long you can still get pregnant and If you have unprotected sex you could get an STD. I know I was married to my first husband for 3 years and he cheated on me with a woman that had genital herpies and low and behold I got it because he had unprotected sex because he did not like condoms. so unless you are looking forward to getting pregnant it is said to be 3 days before and 3 days after your period to get knocked up.

How can prevent getting genital herpes from your partner?

Condoms and anti-viral medication are both good risk-reducers. The best precaution is open and honest communication between partners.

When on meds hat is the chances of transmitting herpes?

Antiviral medication or suppressants can help reduce your chances of contracting herpes or passing herpes if you or your partner takes them regularaly. If they don't have a break out and are taking medication regularly then you're chances of getting herpes is very low. To make it clear the person with herpes should be taking the medication to help prevent passing it.

What are the chances of getting genital herpes if there's no outbreak?

It depends on when their last break out occured. If they just had a break out or if it was just healed then you have a higher chance of getting herpes. If they had no signs or symptoms and their last break out was weeks ago then you should only have a small chance of getting it. Your chances of getting herpes would be even further reduced if this person was taking antiviral medication regularly. Keep an eye out down stairs. It usually takes about 2-30 days for abreak out to occur. If you start getting any suspiciou signs or symptoms of a break out then you should see your doctor an get tested for herpes.

Do people with genital herpes get shingles?

Having genital herpes or shingles does not affect getting the other.

How common is getting genital herpes?

Overall, 1 out of 6 people have genital herpes in the US.

How do you know if your baby has genital herpes?

The best way to tell would be to take the baby to a doctor and have them tested for herpes. FYI passing herpes to a baby doesn't often happen. Also herpes isn't genetically passed it's also very rarely passed while the baby is in the womb. If there wasn't any sings or symptoms of a beak out (and if the mother was taking antiviral medication) then the chances of the baby getting herpes is very low.

Could you be pregnant if you stopped taking birth control after getting your period had your period for six days and then had unprotected sex two days after your period was finished?

it depends on when u stop taking birth control pills...if u stop tking it on monday and had unprotected sex on thurs. its highly unlikely due to the fact it tkes at least a month for the body to rid of the medication..but it is possible because its unprotected

Can you get herpes if the person isn't breaking out?

There is only a small chance of passing herpes while there are no signs or symptoms of a break out, it's even less likely to be passed if this person is taking antiviral medication regularly. If the person is just getting over a break out, or is just getting a break out then you could contract it.

What is a natural way of getting rid of genital warts?

Genital warts will go away on their own. That is the natural cure.

What are the side effects of having unprotected sex?

getting pregnant

Do genital warts affect future fertility?

Genital warts will not make you infertile.No it doesn't affect your chance of getting pregnantgenital warts will not make a male infertile.

How do you avoid getting aids?

Do not have unprotected sex. Always wear a condom.

You had unprotected sex with your husband and the next day you took plan b Then the next day you had unprotected sex again are you still protected or do you need to take it again?

It is best to take your Pill again if you are unsure. There is no real answer to this, as everybody is different, but it is probably best to take the medication. Consider getting a regular Pill which you take every day to avoid these situations.

Does smoking increase your chances of getting HIV?

Having unprotected sex increases your chances of getting HIV. Smoking does not.

If you come in a girl what are the chances of her getting pregnant?

ANSWERIn general chances for pregnancy after unprotected sex are about 50%. But chances are increasing if unprotected sex happened i the middle of cycle and chances are decreasing if unprotected sex happened during not-fertile days.

Can you get acne on your penis?

That might be genital herpes (which is a serious problem CALL YOUR DOCTOR). Genital acne will also destroy any chances of you getting laid.

What are the odds of getting genital warts?

VERY VERY VERY HIGH 99% chance if the person has visable genital warts always use a condom

How commoin is getting genital herpes?

Genital herpes statistics: In men, 1 of 9 are infected In women, 1 in 5 are infected 16.2% of people 14 - 49 are infected with genital herpes. Data is from the CDC.