If you have genital herpes and have been taking antiviral medication and have one more day left to take it can you have unprotected sex with your partner without him getting it?

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January 03, 2007 2:55PM

You should never again have unprotected sex unless you want to give your condition to your partner. Herpes has no cure and can be passed along even when sores are not present, the medication will help diminish the symptoms but the disease will always be there. The risk of spreading the disease is less when an outbreak is not present but some risks are not worth taking. You should never have unprotected sex with your partner. It is a known fact that 78% of partners of people that have genital herpes contract it while it is supposedly dormant. It is a virus that is in your body all the time, what the antiviral medication does is keep it at bay so that you get less eruptions and outbreaks. Its much safer for both of you to stay protected at all times.