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Thermostat will open sooner car may not necessarily run cooler

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What effect will replacing 195 degree thermostat with a 180 degree thermostat on a 1998 Oldsmobile have?

Engine will run cooler Perhaps be less fuel efficient if factory design requires a 195 Interior heating will be cooler (thermostat will open sooner and therefore not produce as much heat).

If you have a 190 degree thermostat in your vechile and replace it with a 180 degree thermostat will it run cooler?

It may run cooler, but this depends on if your radiator fan has a thermostat controlled temperature gauge or if your fan is mechanical. A mechanical fan has a fan belt attached and runs when the engine runs.

What is the proper thermostat degree for a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder?

A 180 and a 170 degree thermostat are listed for it.

What temp thermostat Chevy 350?

180 degree.

What is the operating temperature for a 1998 buick park avenue ultra?

195 degree is were your thermostat will open.which in hot weather causes cars to run a little hot.recommend use a alternate thermostat at 180 degree.helps run engine cooler and helps with cooler transmission.hope this helps

How hot should a 1989 Chevy silverado truck run?

Between 195 degrees and 210 degrees. You can put a 180 degree thermostat in it and it will run alittle cooler.

What is the difference between a 160 and a 180 degree thermostat?

The 160 thermostat should open about 20 degrees sooner than a 180.

1984 Chevy thermostat temp for summer?

180 degree.

What thermostat temp do you buy?

180 degree is stock but you could also go with 160 degree

180 degree thermostat bad for 4.0L jeep?

Should be a 195

What temp thermostat for S10 4.3?

Should be 180 degrees, some work better with 160. The 180 will allow the vehicle to run cooler.

What is normal operating temp for a 95 Cadillac?

should be 180 degree thermostat.

What is better for a 265 cu inch Chevy v8 in traffica 160 degree thermostat or a 180 degree?

A 160 in the summer time and a 180 during the winter.

What is the thermostat temperature for a 1990 Chevy Caprice?

180 degree in the summer time and 195 degree in the winter time.

What is the running temp of a dodge Dakota?

factory thermostat should be a 180 degree stat.

Is 180 degree Fahrenheit thermostat ok for 2001 jeep 4.0L?

No, should be 190

What thermostat for 1977 Chevy truck 350 engine?

195 degree in winter time. 180 degree in the summer time.

What is the operating temperature for a1966 Chevelle?

What ever degree thermostat happens to be in there be it a 160, 180 or 195 degree t-stat.

What effect will replacing 195 degree thermostat with a 180 degree thermostat on a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee?

Engine will run coolerIt may be less fuel efficient if the factory design requires a 195The heater would not be as warm.Engine will run coolerIt may be less fuel efficient if the factory design requires a 195The heater would not be as warm.

Is there a thermostat 150 180 degree that will work in a Chevy S 10 V6 43L?

Don't know what year you have but some sensors are temperature sensitive and you should run a 195 degree thermostat.

What thermostat fits a 1970 225 dart?

a 160 to 180 degree thermostat will work and any auto parts store should be able to get you one.

My temp gauge goes to Cold after just a few miles after changing thermostat on 1976 Ford F-150 360CID V8?

I noticed that lists 3 different thermostats for the 1976 F-150 with 360 V8 ( a 160 degree / 180 degree / and 190 degree . I'm guessing that you installed the 160 ? and maybe had the 180 or 190 before That would make your guage read cooler

180 degree thermostat but temp never gets over 100 degrees.whats wrong?

thermostat is stuck OPEN, never allowing coolant to warm up

You have got a 190 degree thermostat in your car if you put a 180 degree thermostat in will it run cooler?

A low-temperature thermostat will not prevent overheating so much as delay just a little bit. It will also cause poor fuel economy and with most electronically controlled FI systems, it will cause fuel control errors. If the engine is overheating with a properly functioning 190 degree thermostat, a 180 degree thermostat shouldn't make that much of a difference. Make sure the existing thermostat is working properly, make sure the radiator isn't blocked or partially blocked, and that the cooling fan and water pump are working. A computerized car needs to have the thermo specs call for. Changing the engine temp can alter the comp readings which can cause bad running, high fuel usage and costly repairs later on down the road.

Does the thermostat on a auto affect the heat of the auto?

Yes it does affect the heat.the rating of the thermostat temp also affects temperature.example some cars use a 180 degree thermostat some 220 degree the latte will allow your vehicle to run at a hotter temp.